Weird Encounter with High Strung Mom at the Library
So I had this weird encounter with a single Mom at the local library. I’m browsing through books and a lady is watching me. I get self-conscious. Does she think I’m stealing books or something? It’s awkward. Then she approaches me and I smile nervously.

“Kirk, you don’t know me, but you have changed my life and my relationship with my son completely.”

I nod awkwardly. I still have never figured out what to say. “Yeah, I know, I’m amazing, aren’t I?” Haha. It’s just weird. But I know it means a lot to people to express this so I tell her that means a lot to me. I also know there’s emotion coming and that makes me nervous because I’m a guy.

“I never imagined life could be this way with my son. The constant yelling, fighting, all of the true nasty days have ended. With all the ideas from your CDs, we have made learning fun. And now we enjoy spending time together now.”

Crap. Now the tears come. I’m standing next to a crying lady in the public library, like I did something to hurt her. “So what has changed?”

“Well, my son is in the first grade and has a hard time with reading. So we made a reading fort and read by flashlight. He will practice reading to the dogs and cats. We actually make learning fun now!”

Ah good. We’re into the practical stuff now. So I give her a few more ideas to help her son with his anxiety. Have the teacher give him a specific job to do every morning. When you ask him to do something, remove yourself and give him space to do it without hovering over him. She nods and takes notes (which I love!!), but then I see the tears start again.

“I’m a little high strung by nature,” she begins. And inside I’m thinking, “No! Really?!” The truth is most of us are. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people are honest about themselves.

“I’ve helped my son, but now I want to stop lecturing and worrying. I want to break these patterns of control, perfectionism and anxiety.” She began to explain that she’s a single Mom. I said, “I have an idea. I’ll mentor you as long as you don’t stalk me in the library again.” 🙂

I never give people my phone number unless they sign up for mentoring with me.  But this single Mom had made a financial and emotional investment already, and I knew we were on the verge of something life-changing.

This Mom, high strung and stalker lady as she is (kidding), is doing something monumental. She is literally changing who she is. She is breaking patterns that have been in her life for decades. Not only has she changed the relationship with her son, she is breaking this pattern in his life and his kids’ lives forever. That’s more important than good grades or good behavior. That is creating a new family tree.

Side note: I also know that the next time she begins to date or decides to marry, she will be whole and confident and attract a caring, selfless, guy to her. Because she’s going to be a different person. And that rocks!

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