Why has Kirk trained almost 1,000,000 parents and teachers?
His strategies are practical, life-changing, and laugh-out-loud funny.


Whether it’s a LIVE EVENT in person or a ZOOM Conference online, Kirk delivers unparalleled insight into strong-willed children. Parents and teachers will walk away with 15 practical strategies to:

* Stop the disrespect, yelling and power struggles.
* Get your kids to listen the first time.
* Stop defiance, meltdowns, tantrums and sibling fights.
* Improve focus, executive function, and organization.
* Get kids off video games/screens without a fight. 
* Create stress-free mornings, homework and bedtime.

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Why are these women so happy and relaxed?
Because they just hosted a stress-free Celebrate Calm Live Event that was easy to promote and the most well-attended PTA event of the year.


Over 600,000 parents have called Kirk Martin’s live events “practical, life-changing and laugh-out-loud funny.” Watch the video clip to see why.

Kirk will provide concrete, practical strategies to:
* Get your kids to listen the first time.
* Stop defiance, meltdowns, tantrums and arguing.
* Improve focus, attention, executive function, and organization.
* Get kids off video games/screens without a fight. 
* Create stress-free mornings, homework time and bedtime.








Forget those boring in-service lectures about theory that don’t work in today’s classrooms. Your teachers roll their eyes and grumble afterward. No more. Your teachers will laugh as they learn.

Teachers LOVE our training because after 60, 90 or 120 minutes, they walk away with at least 15 practical strategies they can use the next morning to:

*   Improve attention and retention.
*   Create behavior plans that improve behavior and impulse control.
*   Calm angry, frustrated or anxious children.
*   Turn distracting, impulsive students into classroom leaders.
*   Get students to be responsible for themselves.
Click here to view the in-depth curriculum: https://celebratecalm.com/teacher-training/

“Kirk, our teachers connected with and respected you instantly. They could tell you have spent a lot of time in real classrooms. Your sense of humor was refreshing. They’ve been talking about the training all week.”
~ Catholic Diocese of Carmel, Indiana


Kirk is one of the most sought after speakers in the Homeschool & Foster Care community. His 5 speaking sessions are consistently the top sellers year after year. (see: https://fpea.com/store/catalog/2016-fpea-state-convention). 
We want to bring the same enthusiasm to YOUR conference.

Parents of adopted and/or fostered children face challenges other parents don’t understand. Their children don’t respond to consequences and traditional discipline approaches don’t work. It’s not usually defiance—it’s anxiety and fear. It’s not about the lying—it’s shame. It’s not stealing—it’s pure survival.

Parents are left frustrated and children’s spirits get crushed. Our passion is giving frustrated parents and children 15-20 very practical strategies they can actually use, in real life situations, to stop the defiance, power struggles, yelling, and angry outbursts.

Families line up to hear Kirk and Casey speak hard truths that ultimately break generational patterns and create a new family tree. We know that families in are hungry for practical strategies that work with strong-willed kids.


1) Stop the Yelling, Lecturing & Power Struggles
Do you need help calming your explosive household? Tired of yelling at, negotiating with and bribing your child? Do you want your child to take responsibility for his school work, chores and attitude? It’s time to stop the yelling, arguing and power struggles with toddlers and teens. How can you expect your kids to control themselves…if you cannot control yourself? Moms, it’s not your job to manage everyone’s emotions and make everyone happy! We’ll show you how to create stress-free mornings, school, dinner and bedtime. We promise you will laugh and leave with a dozen practical strategies that really work.  

2) 10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Meltdowns & Disrespect
Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than a child being defiant or melting down in public. Have a little one who looks right through you and says, “No!”? Have a teenager who defies you or rolls his eyes? Have a child who refuses to go places? Kirk will show you how to stop a meltdown in public without losing it yourself! You will learn how to turn emotional power struggles into opportunities to build trust and teach self-discipline. You will be blown away by how practical these strategies are.

 3) “You’re Not the Boss of Me!” Motivating Strong-Willed Toddlers, Tweens & Teens
How do you motivate a child who looks right at you and doesn’t listen? What about a teenager who has shut down or defiant? Your child was born with boxing gloves on, ready to fight. Well-meaning people tell you to clamp down on and get control of your child. But you don’t want to crush his spirit or create more defiance. Instead of constantly creating power struggles, we’ll show you how to enjoy a respectful, motivated child who is confident, persistent and purposeful.

4) Discipline That Works: Get Your Kids to Listen the FIRST Time
Instead of being drawn into power struggles, yelling and giving meaningless consequences, Kirk will show you 10 ways to discipline with dignity so kids listen to, respect and trust you. Stop the whining, complaining and tantrums. Get kids to listen when they are loud in the car or interrupt on the phone. Teach kids to control their own behavior (self-discipline) so you don’t have to “make them” behave.

5) Stop Sibling Fights: Stop Being the Referee
There is nothing more frustrating than bickering children provoking each other on a daily basis. It is NOT your job to be the sheriff or to break up every sibling squabble. Even the most challenging children can learn to resolve conflict. We will show you exactly what to do when kids bicker, hit, drain your energy and whine, “That’s not fair” or “He’s looking at me!”


“I haven’t seen our teachers and parents this engaged in 13 years.”
– Orange Hunt Elementary School, Springfield, VA

Why have over a thousand schools, churches, foster care agencies and corporations flown Kirk across the globe?
Because parents and teachers will leave RAVING about the event. Because they walk away with 25+ concrete, practical strategies that work immediately. Because they feel understood, like Kirk has a camera in their home. Because they laugh out loud while Kirk shares unique insight that is ultimately life-changing.

Want to change families’ lives? We have done this over a thousand times so we make it stress-free for our hosts. And it will be the most popular PTA or church event of the year. Simply contact us with the name of your organization and city–we will send a one-page, customized proposal to you.

We are the only organization on the planet that can train your parents, teachers, and students on the same day. The result? Less frustration, better communication, confident kids. See below for all the different ways we can help your school, foster care organization, church, or conference.

EMAIL: Casey@CelebrateCalm.com
PHONE: 888-506-1871