25 Action Steps to Foster a Happy, Motivated Child.
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New Podcast! How to Enjoy Your Challenging Child
Kirk shares an emotional story about the exact moment he began to accept his strong-willed, difficult son. Learn three very powerful ways to rebuild your relationship, motivate your child, and enjoy him again. A must listen.

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No one has told you exactly what to do and say to (re)build your relationship, motivate, and get your strong-willed child to be successful. Consequences don’t work. Traditional therapy doesn’t work. And if you don’t change your current path, you will kill your relationship with this child. So Kirk created a blunt, no-nonsense instruction manual to teach you exactly what to do, step-by-step to help you create what you desperately want:

A happy, confident, motivated kid you enjoy and connect with again (or perhaps for the first time) before it’s too late–whether you have a toddler, teenager, or any age in between. This is the instruction manual you have been waiting for.

Kirk gets your kids like no one else. Parents have repeatedly asked him for two specific items:

(1) We want an INSTRUCTION MANUAL. We don’t know how to connect with and motivate this child. Tell us exactly what TO DO and NOT DO. Tell us bluntly what we’re doing wrong and how we can fix it. Empty your brain and tell us what you REALLY know and think after 20 years of experience with the most strong-willed kids.

(2) We want a MENTOR and WRITTEN CHEAT SHEET. Will you keep teaching us as you get new insights? And will you write your ideas down, in a concise way, so we can keep the instruction manual as a cheat sheet in our purse…or better yet, written right on our phones so we can pull up your ideas and instructions right in the moment? So here it is. 20 years in the making:

Regularly $300, Now $99.

Kirk will tell you exactly what to do and say to motivate your kids and (re)build a closer, more trusting relationship with your kids. He will tell you bluntly (and with humor and passion as always) what to do about lack of motivation, physical aggression, refusal to listen, screens, homework, school, chores, siblings, defiance, meltdowns, and everything you struggle with.

(1) You receive a condensed, straight-to-the-point audio guide (3 hours) with 25 specific action steps that you can listen to right on your phone. Download it anywhere right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Share it with your spouse, parents, teachers, caregivers, and even your strong-willed child. They will find it empowering. Listen repeatedly and work through the 25 specific action steps.

* This is new insight and most of the content Kirk has never revealed publicly before. It is based on answering the toughest questions from parents via phone consultations and Parent BootCamps. When the normal path doesn’t work, what do you do?

(2) You receive, for the first time ever, a written Instruction Manual containing Kirk’s detailed insights and notes so you can absorb all these insights and strategies by listening AND reading them. This includes a full transcript of Kirk’s ideas and insights plus a condensed PDF Workbook so you can work through the steps one by one.

(3) You receive a written, concise, 1-page “Cheat Sheet”
that you can keep printed in your purse, posted on your refrigerator, and hopefully taped to your brain. You can have the list of action steps sent right to your phone so you can pull up the instructions anytime, right in the heat of the moment, via email, in Notes, etc.


“No one has ever understood our son like Kirk. The blunt advice he gave us helped us change the entire course of our family. We are actually enjoying our teenager for the first time! It’s the best investment we have ever made.”
~ Stephen and Rebecca Camden, Long Island

“We have spent countless hours worrying, seeing various therapists and exploring expensive testing, but Kirk was able to cut through the clutter, give us clarity, and help us finally change our daily family life. This is a game-changer.”
~ Kelly and Rob K., Alexandria, VA


BONUS #1: GET 66% OFF. Because of the challenges of the coronavirus, we have reduced the program price from $300 to $99. It’s a fraction of what most people have paid for testing, therapy, Brain Balance and other programs.

BONUS #2: GET ONGOING SUPPORT AND MENTORING. Kirk will include 30 Case Studies (2 hours of additional recorded content) so that you can see exactly how Kirk applies all of these principles to tough situations and kids just like yours. How do you get a child to care about school? How do you motivate a child who doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do? How do you get kids to push through when things are hard? How do you calm a child who gets physical when upset? You’ll learn dozens of practical strategies and see how Kirk views these situations.

BONUS #3: GET NEW UPDATES FREE. As Kirk continues to gain new insights and help more people, he will share his wisdom and new strategies with you. Automatically. You’ll receive new recordings and written materials over the course of the next year absolutely free.

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Kirk will address all of the following issues and more:
* What are the 7 words that will immediately begin to rebuild trust?
* The one secret to motivate a child who has shut down or resisted everything you have tried.
* How do you keep kids from being resentful and fighting when one child pushes buttons or consumes the family’s energy?
* How do you respond when kids outright refuse to do what you ask, without escalating?
* How, of how, can you stop projecting your fears of the future onto your child, which precipitates so many issues?
* Exactly how to get your kids to care about the right things, customized for your specific child and his specific interests (weird as they may be!).
* How do you balance the requirements of school without crushing your child’s spirit?
* Learn a killer question to ask when kids struggle with focus or impulse control.
* Time management doesn’t work for your kids. Come learn a crucial difference that will help your child to be more productive and successful throughout his life.
* How do you give your kids space to be responsible when they’ve never shown the ability to actually be responsible?
* Why saving face is so important for your kids. Did you know most of your kids suffer from a great deal of hidden shame? Deal with that and you change things quickly.
* How much space do you give your child to fail before jumping in?
* How do you break the over reliance on screens without causing WWIII?
* How can you and your spouse (or grandparents) get on the same page?