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De-Escalate & Discipline A Defiant Child: My Best Podcast Ever
This 30-minute podcast will change how you handle meltdowns, yelling, and discipline in your home. Ever feel helpless when your kids are out of control or defiant? So do your kids. So learn how to break these negative cycles, lead your child to calm, and show him/her how to deal with frustration. This is rich with insight into your kids…and you. Share this one. It will change relationships.
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No More Excuses, Kids! You Have Unique Advantages (For Parents & Teachers)
It’s heartbreaking to hear kids say, “I’m stupid” and shut down. Your kids have struggles, but I don’t want to coddle them or make excuses. In fact, I want you to turn their negatives into positives. Listen until the end for one of the most powerful talks you could ever have with your child or student. SHARE THIS WITH TEACHERS. Click here to listen via SimpleCast.

Want Respectful, Responsible Kids? Do the Step Back.
Yeah, I know we all want the same thing: kids who are responsible, respectful and become good citizens. I’m going to share a very powerful secret that will get your kids to actually step up and be responsible for themselves. It will eliminate so many of the power struggles. This is inspiring! Click here to listen via SimpleCast.

Get Your Strong-Willed Kids To Do Stuff Without the Fight
You have a strong-willed child who automatically resists you at every turn, chooses the harder path, and won’t do things the way you want them to be done. Kirk gives you 5 ways to get your kids to do homework, get ready in the morning, apologize, do chores, and more in this important podcast. Click here to listen via SimpleCast.

Discipline When Consequences Don’t Work
How do you discipline a child who doesn’t respond to consequences? Who doesn’t ever want to do things the way you want? How can you discipline without making your child feel like a failure? Kirk will show you how to handle misbehavior, blurting out, lying, stealing, screen time, and much more! Email Casey@CelebrateCalm.com or call 888-506-1871 to get practical help and our free newsletter. Click here to listen via SimpleCast.


Kirk shows you one way to calm an upset child in this short video.

Want to learn how to get your kids to listen the first time? This is just one example.

Casey Martin shares a powerful message for parents and kids. Tell your kids this.
Here are three quick tips every teacher can use. Want Kirk to train your teachers? Call or email us.