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10 Secret Phrases to Calm Any Situation

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10 Ways to Stop Power Struggles & Build Confidence

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Good discipline should always lead to a greater trust and connection with your child.

You have a strong-willed child who is bright, but not academically motivated. He wakes up with his own agenda and knows what he wants and doesn’t want. And what he doesn’t want…is anything that YOU want him to do! So there are power struggles over everything! You find yourself saying, “If you would just do what I ask, you would be done in 7 minutes. But you’d rather argue with me for 7 hours, weeks, months or years and lose everything you own!”

You’re not going to get blind obedience from this child. You’re just not. The “my way or the highway” approach will cause your child to dig in further and resist more. What if you could get your child to listen to you because you have first built trust and connection? Now THAT will change your family and that’s what we do.

TAKE THIS QUIZ. Does your child:
(1) Push your buttons and argue like an attorney?
(2) Create power struggles over EVERYTHING?!
(3) Melt down over little changes, disappointments, and transitions?
(4) Control others, act bossy, and cheat, quit, or change the rules of games?
(5) Struggle with being disorganized, forgetful, and impulsive?
(6) Relate well to adults, younger children and animals, but struggle with peers?
(7) Appear unmotivated while doing what is minimally necessary to get by?

Watch this short video. Does this describe your home?


Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin Kirk has given over 750,000 parents and teachers in 19 countries very specific, practical strategies to stop the yelling, defiance, and power struggles. He understands you and your child like no one else because for over a decade, his family invited 1,500 strong-willed kids into their home. 

That’s why over one thousand school districts, churches, and foster care agencies have flown Kirk across the globe. Parents and teachers leave live events raving about his insight.

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