No more being at your wits’ end. No more power struggles. You can do this.

You have been listening to our podcasts, thinking, “Kirk is describing our child!” You’ve been wanting these tools. You’ve requested a page where you can purchase individual sets, so here it is! Get the best set for your family below or click here to take advantage of our bundles. If you need help, call us at 888-506-1871 or email

ADHD University™ (DOWNLOAD ONLY — 3 hours, 60 page PDF Workbook)
The most comprehensive program we’ve ever created. If your child struggles in school or with homework, this is a must have. Your child doesn’t have to have ADHD for this to work.
  • Dozens of practical strategies for any child who struggles with focus, anxiety, homework, impulse control, organization, social skills, transitions, etc.
  • Perfect for sharing with teachers.
  • Build confidence so your child accepts responsibility without making excuses.
Enjoy Your Strong-Willed Child (2 CDs, 2 hours)
Specific strategies to:
  • Understand your strong-willed child and how to motivate him without power struggles.
  • Stop yelling, lecturing, and nagging.
  • Enjoy your strong-willed child.
Stop Defiance & Disrespect NOW! (2 CDs, 2 hours)    
  • Stop kids from rolling their eyes, talking back or silently ignoring you.
  • Eliminate the emotional power struggles and endless arguments.
  • Diffuse demanding kids who argue, throw meltdowns, or act bossy.
Discipline That Works (2 CDs, 2 hours)  
  • Give directions one time. No more repeating yourself, yelling or bribing!
  • Stop lying, hitting, interrupting, tantrums, whining, and complaining.
  • Teach kids how to control themselves. A must have in every home.
Straight Talk for Kids: Casey Speaks Directly to Your Kids (3 CDs, 3 hours)   
  • Kids listen as a teenager shows them how to deal with daily disappointment, anger, frustration, peer pressure, irritating siblings, and homework.
  • Kids feel understood, confident, motivated, and purposeful.
  • Casey teachers kids how to communicate with parents respectfully to earn trust.
Straight Talk For Stressed-Out Moms (2 CDs, 2 hours)    
  • Stop neglecting yourself to make everyone else happy. Learn to make yourself a priority.
  • Say no to unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and guilt trips.
  • Don’t allow others to manipulate you and push your buttons.
Men’s CD: “I Want To Be A Good Dad & Husband!” (2 CDs, 2 hours)    
  • Learn simple, practical ways to change the “my way or the highway” approach that alienates your kids.
  • Calm upset kids instead of escalating situations and punishing. Handle chaos at home after a long day at work.
  • Make your wife feel valued and respected instead of dismissing her concerns.
Stop Sibling Fights: Stop Being the Referee (DOWNLOAD ONLY — 2 hours)  
  • Stop being the referee in the home.
  • Stop the mean, rude, and hurtful verbal and physical attacks.
  • Stop the petty arguments over chores, video games, iPads and everything else!
Kids Ages 2-7: Build the Right Foundation (2 CDs, 2 hours, 80 page PDF)
  • Kirk shows you exactly what to do in the 80 toughest situations from morning to dinner to bedtime with kids ages 2-7.
  • Stop the tantrums, screaming, hitting, biting, and throwing.
  • Get kids to listen and do what you ask without the meltdowns and crying.
10 Secrets to Motivate Unmotivated Kids (DOWNLOAD ONLY — 2 hours)  
  • Internally motivate kids who don’t respond to consequences, are apathetic or don’t care about school.
  • Get your kids to stop playing video games and start being purposeful.
  • Inspire kids who appear angry, negative, lazy or entitled.  
30 Days to Calm (DOWNLOAD ONLY — 1 Hour, 1 PDF Workbook. This is the same exact process Kirk used to change and become the Calm Guy. He provides 30 specific, concrete strategies to:
  • Stop the lecturing and yelling for good to create a new family tree.
  • Stop reacting when your kids, spouse, and friends push your buttons so you are in control of yourself.
  • Break the old patterns that cause you to worry about your kids’ future and feel like you’re not a good enough parent.
  • Get control of your time instead of feeling rushed, on edge and anxious. No more drama. No more anxiety.
  • Deal with daily pressures of morning rush, traffic, homework, bossy parents, social media, over-scheduling your kids, and more.
Calm Couples University MP3 & PDF Instant Download Mentoring Program
Here is what this program includes:

 (1) Three hours of honest insight and strategies that work in the real world. We have walked this hard road. We deal with the ugliness and messiness of everyday life.

(2) Two PDF workbooks so that you can copy and paste sections, share with your spouse, and have the actual conversations, words and action steps in writing. Use this as a conversation starter and journal.

(3) The Marriage Challenge. We walk you through 40 different action steps. Each step is specific, concrete and very clear. You actually PRACTICE new skills in the context of your busy life and daily conflict.

(4) PERSONAL MENTORING WITH KIRKYou can ask Kirk any questions that you want, confidentially. You will receive a prompt, thoughtful, specific reply. If your spouse refuses to interact, address his addictions or stop abusive behavior, you will have an understanding ear and concrete actions to take.

The No B.S. Instruction Manual For Strong-Willed Kids (DOWNLOAD ONLY — 3 Hours of Audio, 1 PDF Instruction Manual, 1-Page Cheat Sheet PDF, 30 Case Studies, and Email Mentoring. Kirk will address all of the following issues and more:
  • What are the 7 words that will immediately begin to rebuild trust?
  • The one secret to motivate a child who has shut down or resisted everything you have tried.
  • How do you keep kids from being resentful and fighting when one child pushes buttons or consumes the family’s energy?
  • How do you respond when kids outright refuse to do what you ask, without escalating?
  • How do you balance the requirements of school without crushing your child’s spirit?
  • How much space do you give your child to fail before jumping in?
  • How do you give your kids space to be responsible when they’ve never shown the ability to actually be responsible?
  • How can you and your spouse (or grandparents) get on the same page?Click here to learn more.