So about a month ago, the new teller at my bank, Christine, asks, “What’s this Celebrate Calm?” I tell her how we work with kids who like to do things on their own terms, argue and negotiate, create fierce battles over little issues, are bright but only curious about subjects they don’t get grades for, resist when pushed, etc. Her eyes light up and she says, “That’s my daughter!”

She proceeds to tell me all about her trials and tribulations. I listen patiently, nodding my head, commiserating. Then because I felt like it, I asked, “Do I have permission to tell you bluntly what the issue is?”

She says, “Of course.” And the older teller who I’ve known for awhile just laughs. Because she knows what’s coming.

“The problem, and therefore the solution,” I begin, ” is you. You are filled with anxiety over your daughter’s future because she isn’t living up to your expectations. She’s capable of so much more–those were your exact words. You spend all of your time trying to fix her. You lecture and explain and practically beg her to listen to you. She resists more.

“You get flustered and take things away. She doesn’t care. You have control issues because you want everything done a certain way-but your daughter will never, ever do it your way. And you don’t know what to do, so you double down and get more intense. And it gets worse. And probably causes problems in your marriage, too.”

Christine stared at me blankly. Then I saw the lone tear. As she wiped her eyes, she lamented, “I know. I just don’t know how to stop. I love her so much.”

“So, are you REALLY ready to change this? Because the only person in this relationship you can change is yourself. And I promise that when you change your tone of voice, your words, your focus…when you control your anxiety and mouth…then you will see your daughter through different eyes. Then you will see her blossom and change. But as long as you hold on to your way she will resist you to the grave. And you don’t want that.”

Christine uttered five beautiful words that actually brought tears to my eyes. “I am ready to surrender.” Wow.

So I asked her to go through the 30 Days to Calm program with me. Honestly, it was fascinating to see all the issues that surfaced from her past relationships and experiences. Every time I’d go into the bank, she’d have a new story. But the stories weren’t about her daughter–they were about herself. Here’s what she said to me:

“I got so focused on becoming a new person and controlling my own anxiety that it gave my daughter some space to be herself and grow. Since she was in pre-school, I had spent all my energy trying to change her. It never, ever worked. But I didn’t know another way. When I became a different person, I saw her differently. She’s still frustrating, but I see her blossoming and our relationship has turned around 180 degrees. SHE has noticed the difference in me. I don’t lecture, I don’t make snide comments. It feels so good!”

So today I dropped off THE BAG (our 4 most popular programs) at the bank for her as my gift--now that she has changed herself (which never stops), she has tools in these CDs to help her daughter with focus, attention, impulse control, social skills, homework, discipline, controlling her emotions and more.

YOUR strong-willed child will NOT change until you change.

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30 Days To Calm: Stop Yelling, Lecturing, & Reacting (1 CD + 1 PDF Workbook + 45-page Q&A)

Kirk provides 30 specific, concrete strategies to:

  • Stop the lecturing and yelling for good to create a new family tree.
  • Stop reacting when your kids, spouse, and friends push your buttons so you are in control of yourself.
  • Break the old patterns that cause you to worry about your kids’ future and feel like you’re not a good enough parent.
  • Get control of your time instead of feeling rushed, on edge and anxious. No more drama. No more anxiety.
  • Deal with daily pressures of morning rush, traffic, homework, bossy parents, social media, over-scheduling your kids, and more.

You will learn how to control yourself…instead of controlling everyone else. Finally. Includes a downloadable Workbook and 30 action steps (one per day) to break those old patterns.

Bonus: Features a 45-page Q&A with answers to your toughest questions and strategies to overcome your toughest triggers.


Get 9 hours of practical strategies and answers to your 100 toughest questions. Listen alone, listen WITH your kids, or have them listen alone. You will learn dozens of very practical, concrete strategies to stop defiance, disrespect, yelling, sibling fights, power struggles over screen time and homework. Plus your kids listen to Casey’s Straight Talk For Kids and learn to control themselves.


Stop Power Struggles with Your Strong-Willed Child (2 CDs, 2 hours). Kirk will show you how to cultivate a deep, trusting relationship with a strong-willed child who:

  • Only wants to do things on his terms.
  • Doesn’t care about consequences or anything you care about.
  • Resists or shut downs when you try to talk to him.
  • Would rather suffer and do things the hard way than do what you ask.
  • Gets upset quickly over changes in plans.
  • Feels different than his siblings and classmates.
  • Gets the entire family revolving around his drama.

CD 2 Track 04: You can’t let strong-willed kids walk all over you. But tough discipline should always lead to a closer relationship. Listen how to do this even when your child is defiant.


Straight Talk For Kids (3 CDs, 3 hours)
Kids listen as a teenager (Casey) shows them how to deal with daily disappointment, anger, frustration, peer pressure, siblings, and homework.

  • Kids feel understood, confident, motivated, and purposeful.
  • Casey teaches kids how to communicate with parents respectfully to earn trust.
  • Casey gives dozens of practical tools to handle sibling fights, organizational skills, focus, and social skills.


Discipline that WordsDiscipline That Works: Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time (2 CDs, 2 hours)
Kirk will show you 25 ways to discipline without yelling to stop the fighting, lying, tantrums, whining, complaining and more. Learn to give directions ONE time… NO more repeating things!

  • Give directions one time. No more repeating yourself, yelling or bribing!
  • Stop lying, hitting, interrupting, tantrums, whining, and complaining.
  • Teach kids how to control themselves. A must have in every home.

Listen to a sample track:

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