It’s amazing what happens when a kid feels understood. I received this email from a middle school student named Justin. Look how insightful he is.

Dear Mr. Martin,

You and your son are the first people who have really understood me so I want to ask a favor. After my Mom made me listen to your ADHD University CDs over the weekend, it gave me an idea. I want to write a note to my teachers–would you be willing to review this?

I was blown away by this request, but even more by the letter that followed. I have reprinted it here, with minor edits and permission from Justin.

To my teachers:
I appreciate how hard your job must be, teaching 25 kids who are all very different. I know that even though we don’t always see eye to eye, you do want the best for me.

(1) I want to do well in your class. I just learn differently. I know you think I’m not listening when I’m doodling, but the opposite is true. Drawing and coloring is calming to me, and it stimulates the neurons in my brain (how’s that for learning science, Mr. D?!). Plus I learned that some kids like me learn best when not looking adults in the eye-so please don’t think I’m being rude!

(2) Would it be okay with you if I took tests sitting on the floor in the back of the room? I think better when relaxing. And if not tests, could I do class assignments like that while chewing gum if I promise to spit it out at the end of class? Chewing brings blood flow to my brain, creates rhythm in my brain, and relaxes me. I’ve always thought there was something wrong with me, but now I know I’m perfectly normal-I just learn differently. It’s all brain science.

(3) I apologize for being negative and having a bad attitude. I know it only hurts me. May I ask a favor? Ever since I was a little kid, adults have assumed the worst about me and been frustrated with me. Those behavior charts just destroyed me when I was little. Giving consequences and lecturing me makes me want to fight. If I change my attitude, would you assume the best about me this week?

The Celebrate Calm guy had this great phrase that spoke to me. He said a teacher once told a student, “I like that you can work independently and make decisions by yourself. It shows me that you’re mature, have initiative and are a leader. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.”

I’d like someone to treat me like that. I’ll work harder for you! Thank you for your consideration.

Okay, put your Kleenex away and go hug your strong-willed child. Let’s empower your kids and build their confidence. These are world-changing kids if we can just understand them and give them tools to succeed instead of punishing them.

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