It’s Time to Celebrate ADHD.

20 years ago, Kirk Martin burst onto the scene with a radical message: what if instead of trying to change kids who are different, we celebrated their unique gifts? He’s now taught almost one million parents and teachers how to help kids with AD/HD, OCD, ODD, Anxiety, and other spectrum symptoms be wildly successful.

Here’s what we hear most: “Kirk gets our kids and us like he’s living in our home. This is practical. This works. This is a game-changer.”

Take advantage of these special resources, all pulled together for the first time, regularly $997, now at an 80% discount while we Celebrate ADHD and celebrate 20 years of helping kids.

“My daughter was listening as I played your CDs and said, ‘Finally someone understands and gets me. I’m not the ONLY one!’ That is priceless to us as a family.”   ~ Karen Phillips, Annandale, VA

“I love that your ideas are out of the box–we can just implement them easily within minutes after hearing them. We finally feel like we have our son back thanks to your insights and passion for our kids.”  ~ Frank & Wendy A., Seattle, WA

“We have tried everything, and no doctor or therapist comes close to explaining how to help our kids in simple ways that work like you do. Thank God we can now Celebrate ADHD!”   ~ The Cromwell Family, Chicago, IL

Take this quiz. Our comprehensive CELEBRATE ADHD program will help you if your child:

  • Controls others, acts bossy and has to prove his point.
  • Relates well to adults and younger children, but struggles socially with peers (acts silly, immature).
  • Gets a thrill from pushing your buttons and arguing like an attorney.
  • Melts down over unexpected changes, disappointments, and little things going wrong.
  • Is disorganized, forgetful, and impulsive.
  • Appears unmotivated and underperforms academically.
  • Becomes frustrated getting thoughts from head to paper while writing.
  • Constantly moves, fidgets, makes noises, or chews on things.
  • Plays video games for hours, but can’t focus on work for 10 minutes.
  • Likes to cuddle, wrestle, or be wrapped in blankets.
  • Is sensitive to touch, noise, sight, aromas, or clothes. Wears the same clothes repeatedly.
  • Procrastinates with homework, but hyper-focuses on personal projects.
  • Shows obsessive-compulsive tendencies, needs things to be just so.
  • Says, “I’m bored!” or “I’m stupid” often.
  • Gets angry, impatient or interrupts when you talk.
  • Gets along great with one parent, but struggles when both are around.
  • Quits or cheats at games, lies and blames others.
  • Has traits associated with ODD, OCD, Anxiety, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing and more.


This program is usually $997 and worth it.
You’ve spent more than that on testing and therapy.

“Testing and therapy didn’t work. This does.”

The most comprehensive program we have ever created. Over 50 practical tools to stop the meltdowns and power struggles, improve homework time, and build your child’s confidence.

(2) BRAIN BOOSTERS. This is the same content that schools pay us $2,500 for Professional Development. Features unparalleled insight into your child that you and your teachers must understand.

(3) IEP’s FROM A-Z. We will show you step-by-step how to advocate for your child and get practical help in the classroom to create successes.

(4) ADHD FOR ADULTS. You or your spouse has probably struggled with confidence and never feeling like you’re on top. Kirk shows you how with very practical steps that actually work.

 Learn 50 practical, concrete strategies to help your child:

  • Be responsible without making excuses or blaming others.
  • Control his impulses, emotions, anxiety and sensory issues.
  • Feel successful, good about himself and accepted by friends.
  • Improve focus, organization, social skills and behavior in school.
  • Stop power struggles over morning, homework, transitions, unexpected changes, dinner and bedtime.
  • Nurture your child’s gifts and overcome challenges without crushing his spirit.

Our promise? You will learn more insight and strategies from listening to this program than from five visits to a therapist. You will understand your child like never before and know exactly how to help him.

ADHD University Set(1) ADHD University™ (3 CDs, 3 hours + Workbook & Kirk’s Written Q&A to over 50 Questions) No, your child does not have to be diagnosed or even have ADHD. But this is the most comprehensive and helpful program we’ve ever created. Learn 50 practical, concrete strategies to help your child control his impulses, emotions, anxiety, and sensory issues.

  • Improve focus, attention, impulse control, organization, social skills,
  • Improve grades, homework time, writing skills, behavior issues at school.
  • Build your child’s confidence without crushing his spirit.

Listen to a sample track:


(2) Brain Boosters™ for School Success
10 Secrets to Boost Your Child’s Performance (Instant Download Only)

Our kids are bright, curious and imaginative. Teachers, students, and parents are frustrated because traditional behavior plans only crush a child’s spirit and cause him to shut down. Listen and learn:

  • 25 practical ways to improve focus, attention and behavior in class.       
  • The one secret that always helps children overcome anxiety.
  • 2 things you should never do with an upset, angry or violent child.
  • 3 common myths that sabotage homework and tests.
  • How to meet sensory needs to improve concentration and reduce aggression.
  • Positive behavior plans that build, not destroy, confidence.
  • Spark internal motivation and responsibility in all kids.

*Share this program with two teachers, who can download the MP3s instantly onto their phone, iPad, or computer.

Bonus: Downloadable Workbook for Teachers & Parents: We have included a helpful Workbook to help teachers and parents create specific, positive Action Plans for each of their children and students.
Brain Boosters comes as an Instant Download/MP3 program only.

(3) IEPs from A-Z: Get Your Child the Help He Deserves in School

No process is more confusing, emotionally draining and stomach-wrenching than trying to navigate the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process. As a parent, you feel overwhelmed and intimidated. You don’t know whether you are being told the truth or not— there are so many lies and myths that even school personnel are often confused. You sit in a room wanting one thing: for your child to be given a fair chance to be successful. And that makes the pain even greater as you feel at the mercy of this cold, impersonal process.
These two DVDs show you in practical, step-by-step form how to get the help your child needs:

  • Takes the mystery out of the IEP Process. You will know exactly what to do and say because we’ll show you.
  • Gives you confidence to advocate effectively.
  • Helps you get the special services your child needs to succeed. We’ll even include a list of over 200 accommodations for different disabilities.
  • Puts you on equal footing with the school. In fact, you will know more about the process than they do.
  • Exposes 10 common lies (i.e. “Your child is too smart to qualify.”) and 5 common mistakes to avoid.

(4)  ADHD for Adults: 10 Secrets to Success (MP3/Instant Download ONLY)
You have felt like you can never measure up, like you are swimming upstream and no one understands. You have all these hopes and dreams, but have never really been able to get yourself over that hump. Kirk understands because he’s been through all of that. Learn how to live up to your potential and overcome those obstacles that have held you back.



“Testing and therapy didn’t work. This does.”

Why wait? This is the lowest price we have offered
in 20 years helping almost a million parents like you.

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