Products That Work

The single most effective way to break old patterns is to retrain and renew your mind by listening daily to our CDs. Listen WITH your kids so that the entire family is on the same page. We have created powerful, practical, life-changing CDs on the most difficult issues you face daily. This works.

We will always require families to invest in our products. After 15 years of working with half a million families, we know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. The families who make the greatest changes, who see their lives transformed the most, are families who make our program a priority by investing financially. Our single-minded mission is to break generational patterns of behavior. That’s worth every penny and more.

We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Purchase Orders. If you need help selecting the right sets for your family, need a payment plan or want to build your own bundle, call Brett at 888-506-1871 or email He is the nicest guy on the planet. Want to listen to audio samples from each set? Click the ‘LEARN MORE’ link for each CD set.