Get Calm Couples Marriage Mentoring For Only $197 **THIS WEEK ONLY**  (Regularly $697)

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“This is the most practical and helpful marriage program we’ve ever tried. My husband likes it because we can work on it from home. Thank you for this alternative. We’re actually having real, honest conversations for the first time in years.”
~ Diana and Paul H., Hartford, CT

Take this quiz. Does this describe your marriage?
– You have drifted apart.
– Your spouse dismisses you.
– The feelings are gone. Just gone. And you’re not sure how to get them back. Or worse yet, even if you want them back.
– Count down the days until the kids go off to college. Then you’re gone.
– You can’t remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation.
– You manage your spouse’s emotions and walk on eggshells.
– Your spouse puts everyone else first, but not you. Never you.
– Your spouse disappears to the basement, escapes through alcohol, and/or doesn’t even sleep in the same bed anymore.
– You are together in a busy house, but have never felt more alone.


What if through some simple steps, we could show you how to:
– Connect emotionally with your spouse in even a few minutes a day?
– Have meaningful conversations each day, without the resentment and tension?
– Be assertive about your needs in ways your spouse will respect?
– Have really difficult conversations without withdrawing or yelling?
– Get the feelings back even though they have been dormant for years?

You’re a capable, intelligent person. But you don’t have the skills necessary to have a mature, grown-up relationship. I invite you to become a complete, whole, healthy adult with new relationship skills. Even if your spouse doesn’t participate, you have the opportunity to become a new person who knows how to be assertive, understand other people’s emotions without changing them or dismissing, stop your controlling behavior, and have difficult discussions without withdrawing, manipulating or yelling.

You have an opportunity to change right in front of your kids, whether they are 4, 9, 14 or 22. You have an opportunity to model for them how to have a mature relationship, have difficult but respectful discussions when you disagree with someone, and stick with love even when it’s hard.

Get on the same page. If you won’t go to counseling, go through our marriage program from your home, anonymously, with your spouse or alone. It’s in depth, it works and it’s much cheaper than counseling or divorce.

I am limiting Calm Couples University to 50 couples. We only have 50 spots left at the price of $197 (Regularly $697.00). Your marriage and your kids are worth it.


 Calm Couples University MP3 & PDF Instant Download Mentoring Program

Here is what this program includes:

 (1) Three hours of honest insight and strategies that work in the real world. We have walked this hard road. We deal with the ugliness and messiness of everyday life.

(2) Two PDF workbooks so that you can copy and paste sections, share with your spouse, and have the actual conversations, words and action steps in writing. Use this as a conversation starter and journal.

(3) The Marriage Challenge. We walk you through 40 different action steps. Each step is specific, concrete and very clear. You actually PRACTICE new skills in the context of your busy life and daily conflict.