• “This was the most real help that has been offered in a long time. It’s practical and I can easily apply it to everyday situations...and it works!”

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    They will be your favorite podcasts ever. Plus, it will help stop defiance, disrespect, yelling, bedtime issues and more.

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  • Want to stop the defiance and disrespect?

    Are you tired of the power struggles, yelling and sibling fights? Want to stop the defiance and disrespect? Exhausted trying to make everyone happy? Let us help.



    We have a customized program created for churches, small groups and organizations to help parents meet the needs of their kids. It's FREE to the first 10 Churches that respond.


    "This is the BEST money our PTA has ever spent. I wish we would have done this years ago!" Perfect for PTAs, churches, synagogues, foster/adoptive agencies and organizations.

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What parents and teachers are saying...

"Kirk Martin provides practical, life-changing advice that will transform your intense child"

“Hands down the best speaker we have ever had. There wasn’t an empty seat.”

“It’s like he has a camera in our home! Finally…someone understands and gets our family.”

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