Register For Distance/Hybrid Schooling BootCamp:

This spring, the virtual learning experience didn’t work. So let’s not repeat that experience again. You can’t afford to have your kids fall behind. Most school districts still don’t have a good plan. We do. We will give you practical, creative strategies to:

(1) Keep kids focused, on task, with structure, without having to badger them.

(2) Get kids off screens. Get kids off screens. Get kids off screens.

(3) Jump start your child’s brain to push through tough subjects.

No more fear. No more falling behind. Let’s use this situation as an OPPORTUNITY to help your child move forward with confidence and excitement.

When you register, Kirk will email you personally to understand your specific questions and issues. He will then brainstorm with you to create custom solutions for your family.

Throughout the school year, Kirk will personally mentor you AND provide additional strategies on an ongoing basis.

You are no doubt anxious about how the upcoming school year is going to unfold. Especially after the chaos of the spring and five months spent on screens. You are not alone. Here are two common situations parents are asking about:

“My kids, who are used to earning screen time, are now required to manage their own time on iPads for hours each day. My child does well getting on scheduled Zoom calls, but spends the rest of his time on games or fiddling with apps. He doesn’t do his assignments unless I hover, but if I do hover, I get aggression and anger and even violence.” Sound familiar? Let’s turn this into a positive.

“My child (9) said, ‘I’m a terrible person and why should I be allowed to have anything because I can’t stop myself?'” We’ve said this forever–your kids no not want to be controlled by screens. So it’s up to us to lead and show them a different way.

Parents have been screaming (calmly!), asking us for three specific items so your kids don’t fall behind and your family doesn’t devolve into constant power struggles. So that is what we have done.

(1) WE WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO–TELL US THE TRUTH. We don’t even know where to begin. Our kids struggle with focus, follow through, and reliance on screens. Tell us bluntly exactly what to focus on, even if it’s not the typical advice.

Kirk and Casey will give you more than two hours of actionable, practical, and innovative strategies–that you won’t hear anywhere else–delivered via audio to all of your different phones and devices so you can listen again and again. Share these ideas with your spouse, kids, caregivers, and grandparents. Yes, we want kids listening so they take ownership of their education.

This includes a special Q&A to answer the most difficult questions (see bottom of page for questions).

(2) WE WANT A WRITTEN GAME PLAN. We want to be able to make a checklist of what to do and not do. Plus I am a visual learner and like reading while I listen.

You will receive a concise written game plan with concrete action steps to help jump start your child’s brain, keep them engaged, and reduce reliance on screens.

(3) WE WANT A MENTOR FOR THIS SCHOOL YEAR. We want to be able to ask you specific questions as they arise, throughout the fall semester, so that we can know how to handle the toughest situations.

Kirk and Casey will personally answer your specific questions as your kids work their way through the school year. You’ll receive confidential contact information so that your questions are made a priority throughout the rest of 2020.


YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FIRST BOOTCAMP MATERIALS UPON REGISTRATION. Kirk will then personally answer your questions AND provide additional strategies and insights throughout the school year.

Kirk and Casey will address all of the following issues and more:
1) How can I make sure my child has enough discipline and structure to start on time, stay on track, and ask for the help he or she needs? What if he gets overwhelmed and shuts down?

2) How can I create structure and routine after five months of chaos? How do I get my kids up and ready to learn when they don’t have a teacher to report to?

3) How can I possibly stay on top of what my child is doing in school all day and help them catch up while I’m working full-time and taking care of the rest of the family as well?

4) I am a single Mom who works full-time? How can I make sure my kids actually learn and keep them from being on screens literally all afternoon and evening?

5) What’s the best learning situation for my child? How do I even decide what they need? How can I get my kids to really focus instead of shutting down and fighting me at every step?

6) My oldest gets done his schoolwork very quickly and has too much time on his hands afterward. I’ve got my hands full with two younger kids. What can I do to make sure he doesn’t stay on screens all day after his work is done?

7) Our teachers record their lessons on YouTube, which my son is kind of addicted to. He has to be on there to get his lessons, but how do I know he’s not watching other things?

8) My child struggles with distance/remote learning because of executive function issues. He also struggles with focus, attention, and following through. How can I support him?

9) How can I get my kids going in the morning, keep from nagging them when they aren’t getting assignments done on time or are just wasting time?

10) How can I keep up with what the school wants while staying on top of my kids, doing chores, kids wanting to play, sibling fights? It feels overwhelming.

11) Spring was non-productive and a waste of time. How can we prevent that from happening this fall? I don’t want my kids falling behind.

12) Our school is doing half day at school and half day homeschool. Any tips for preventing the meltdowns for mom at home that he doesn’t do for his teachers?

13) Because of my son’s anxiety, he doesn’t want to sit in front of the camera. He is self- conscious/ anxious about what others think about him. Yet if I allow him to have the camera off, he won’t stay engaged (teacher can’t see him). Help!

14) My child already doesn’t love school and is expected to sit in front of a computer listening to live stream/ Zoom / recorded classes all day long. Then she’ll have to do homework and not even get to associate with friends. How can I motivate her and not lecture/hover if she isn’t giving her best effort?

15) My kids struggle with controlling screen usage. How can we break the bad habits we’ve created over the past five months?

16) My teenager struggles with social and emotional skills. He already relies on screens for social interaction—now how only way to communicate and contact others is through screens. How can I help him?

17) I am worried about our emotional, mental and physical health as a family. How can we stay motivated and together through all of this?

18) How do we still use technology as a reward for kids that need that motivation when there is already going to be so much time on technology?

19) How can we get kids to focus longer because they need the movement & the breaks?

20) We are a two-parent working home with two tweens that will be expected to be online 6 plus hours a day. We cannot survive on one income. I don’t know how to facilitate them staying on task while we are working.

21) How are my kids going to get movement in school when they don’t change classrooms and stay in one classroom all day long? How will they get mask breaks when masks irritate them and one is a mouth-breather? I just hope teachers understand that kids need to move to learn and use their brain. Sitting at a desk all day will be tough!

22) Our school will group kids in a pod of four kids. What if one of the kids in the pod is a huge distraction, class clown or bully? How do I make sure my child doesn’t follow his lead?

23) I have two teenagers. The senior has autism and ADHD and had a paraprofessional with him for most of his classes. He wants to do all online school. (The district is offering the choice of all online vs a hybrid model of in school for 2 or 3 days a week.) How do I get the school to offer assistance for him virtually?

24) My junior wants to do the hybrid model. He says he learns better in person, but he hasn’t proven that, tending to have to do a lot of catch-up work at the end of every trimester. How do I get him to stay on track?

25) My kids are going to be split with one going to school and the other doing remote learning from home? How can I keep up with this?!

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