Coronavirus & Your Family

Individuals and families are going to be struggling and suffering on many different levels. We have created this page as a positive, proactive resource for families who are going to find themselves spending lots of time together, completing school online, and encountering new sources of anxiety and power struggles. See helpful podcasts and ideas below–we will be adding content to this page rapidly so keep coming back. And please share this page and podcasts with other parents.

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Breathe. Turn off the news. Stay informed through a trusted source or two, but eliminate negative sources (and people!) from your social media feed who create drama.

Small steps. Nothing has to be done urgently (unless you have a true emergency). Go for a walk today. Replace the news with inspiring music playing through your home. Play a game you haven’t had time for in years. Do something silly that you wouldn’t normally do.

Talk to an old friend you’ve missed. Make up with a relative you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Text your spouse something thoughtful and kind.

Go sit next to your child. Just sit. Watch. Observe. Listen. But don’t talk. Just be with that child. Give a reassuring touch or pat on the head.  Give thanks for all the good things in your life.

There IS a lot you CAN control today. Begin with yourself.


Create 3 Goals For Your Family

Create 3 Goals For Your Family
While we take precautions seriously, we will counter this fear and anxiety to look outward and create positive change during this time. Here are just 9 ideas for goals you should set for your family. Choose any three and let’s be ruthless and intentional in meeting our goals.

I will expand on each of these in future podcasts.

(1) Experiment to understand each child’s unique learning style and how your child’s brain works best. You can then use this insight when kids go back to school and during homework time. Plus your kids need to know this for college and beyond.

(2) Break generational patterns to FINALLY learn how to be calm, stop reacting and yelling, stop the yelling and power struggles. This is entirely within your control. And now can be the time you do this while under pressure!

(3) Restore broken relationships with your child, teenager, or spouse. You’ve swept it under the rug and hoped it would go away. It’s not. Deal with it now.

(4) Get control over screens and break the addiction now. Yes, now. You CAN do it. I know it’s counterintuitive given that your kids are going to “need” to be on all the time since they are home. But I’d attack this one now. Or just complain about it for another 10 years!

(5) Serve others. There are vulnerable people who need your help (and that extra toilet paper you hoarded!). Use your strong-willed child’s huge heart to come up with a plan to help the elderly neighbors who shouldn’t go to the store. Homeschooling families can give tips to other families who aren’t accustomed to schooling their kids online at home.

(6) Create new patterns inside yourself like self-respect. You’ve done everything for everyone else and you’re exhausted. So let’s turn that around and get your kids serving you.

(7) Learn one new skill that you usually don’t have time to learn. Teach your kids how to cook, fix things, build, or do something your mother/grandmother passed down to you. Learn a foreign language. Let your kids actually teach you a new skill.

(8) Exercise and get outside. Everything may be closed around you, but the sun and fresh air are gifts. So begin every day with a hike or bike ride. Of course your kids may complain at first, but you are the leaders. So lead!

(9) Create your own curriculum. If you have our CD/download programs, then choose one each week to go through together as a family. Let your kids listen to Casey’s program for kids to learn how to control their own emotions or the sibling fights program. Ask your kids, “What can WE as your parents begin doing differently to calm down?” Use these as discussion starters and as a focus to break bad patterns and create positive ones.

If you don’t have our programs, then let’s get them into your hands so you can use this time to stop the power struggles and build your child’s confidence! We have a number of new specials hand tailored to meet your family’s needs during this time.

(1) We have decided to lower our prices on the Calm Parenting Package for the next week. You get EVERYTHING we have for the lowest price ever. Click here to learn more about the Calm Parenting Package.

(2) We have brought back our Calm Parenting University DVD and Family Discussion Program. Families normally don’t have time to watch a DVD and work through a workbook together. Now you do. Get 40 Strategies to help your family and restore relationships. Available as a digital download or DVD and Printed Workbook. Click here to learn more about Calm Parenting University.

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Coronavirus Specific Podcasts

Coronavirus: 9 Ways to Counter the Anxiety
The best way to counter the anxiety caused by the unknowns of the pandemic is to create an action plan with specific goals. Let’s use this opportunity to break old patterns, learn new skills, and change our relationships. Kirk gives you 9 ideas.

Coronavirus: Your Survival Guide to Long Days & Weeks Together How does everyone get their own space during these days? What about a parent who works from home with noisy kids around (Kirk addresses this at the very end)? How can you structure your days so that your kids can learn while actually enjoying your time together? What about kids being bored, on screens, irritating each other?

Disappointing Your Kids—Social Distancing, Screens & Sweets
You say no and disappoint your kids. They get mad at you. So how do you do this in a way that creates a closer relationship with your child? How do you bond even after having conflict? This is relevant far after the COVID-19 virus is a horrible memory. Want your child to be compliant and motivated? Kirk shows you practical action steps.







Coronavirus Blog Posts

Coronavirus: Your Survival Guide to Long Days & Weeks Together
How does everyone get their own space during these days? What about a parent who works from home with noisy kids around (Kirk addresses this at the very end)? How can you structure your days so that your kids can learn while actually enjoying your time together? What about kids being bored, on screens, irritating each other? Kirk provides practical strategies and encouragement to use this time as a gift to explore interests you never have time for otherwise. Click here for the accompanying podcast.

How to Thrive, Not Just Survive.

(1) You must lead your kids with calm, confident authority. You cannot mutter about how annoying your kids are…unless you want them saying the same thing about you.

(2) Get on the same page with your spouse, finally. It’s time to step up or your family will unravel.

(3) It’s not fair to expect your spouse to somehow keep the kids quiet all day while you work. Kirk provides a phenomenal plan for Dads to create times of intense, emotional involvement with the kids while allowing Mom to have some down time.

(4) Organize the coming days and weeks as Themes or Camps. Conduct Adventure Camp where you lead the kids outdoors to do school work and explore. Kirk shows you how he did this with 1,500 kids and allowed their natural curiosity to kick in.

Maybe you have Travel the World Virtually Camp so each child gets to pick a country and culture that intrigues him or her. You cook Italian food, watch documentaries on Italian history or art, you learn a few words in Italian. Themes have a way of tying things together.

(5) Think of project-based learning opportunities. Make care packages for overseas soldiers, start a small business together, complete overdue projects inside and outside. Let your kids pursue their natural curiosity.

(6) Have traditions that create signposts for each day or week. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday or Technology-Free Tuesday, Wednesday is Pajama Day, Friday is movie day.

(7) If you have the CD programs, use these as curriculum or theme days. Play the Discipline program and ask, “What could WE begin doing different as parents?” Ask for help controlling your own screen time. Let kids listen to Casey’s Straight Talk for Kids program—I promise they will feel understood and like another kid gets them. Use these as learning and teaching opportunities for everyone to learn impulse and emotional self-control.

If you don’t have our programs, then let’s get them into your hands so you can use this time to stop the power struggles and build your child’s confidence!

(8) Use this as an opportunity to try new things, like feeding your kids breakfast outside in an obstacle course. Why not? You have the time to try new things.

(9) Let your kids teach YOU something new. Your kids are often self-taught. My son learned to play guitar and speak fluently in German watching educational videos. What do your kids want to learn? What do YOU want to learn? Let’s focus on raising curious kids who love to learn, but that don’t have to be bound to a rigid curriculum or school.

(10) Embrace this as an opportunity to create new traditions that outlast this virus. Do not complain to your friends and family about having to be around your kids all day—because I am sure the feeling is mutual! Instead, let’s go on the offensive and use this extra time as a gift to forge closer relationships and learn about our kids.