Your child does NOT have to struggle in school.

Get the Help Your Child Needs & Deserves

Do you have a child whose confidence is being destroyed in school? Does your child feel stupid or like a “bad kid” because he has difficulty with focus, attention, social skills or behavior? Are you tired of fighting the school and “wishing” things were different? Exhausted by fighting over homework that takes way too long? It doesn’t have to be that way. Based on work in 60,000 schools with tens of thousands of children like yours, we have developed two phenomenal resources to get your child the help he needs and deserves.

“I finally feel like I’m in control. I have a written game plan
to get specifically what my son needs to succeed.”

– Heather Groehn

“I learned more in the first two hours than in the past 20 years
as an Occupational Therapist in the school system.”
- Laurie Chuba

How to Advocate For Your Child (IEPs & 504s from A-Z™) (3-DVDs + CD Workbook)

No process is more confusing, frustrating and emotionally draining than the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process. You sit in a room–feeling overwhelmed and desperate–wanting one thing: for your child to be given a fair chance. We are thrilled to provide the only complete guide that explains–with authority, clarity and practical examples–how to get the help your child needs.  “IEPs from A-Z: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advocate Effectively”:

  • Makes a complex process simple and easy to understand. We show you exactly what to do and say.
  • Helps you get more special education services for your child than you even knew existed.
  • Exposes 10 common lies (i.e. “Your child is too smart to qualify”) and 10 common mistakes (signing the IEP, settling for a 504 Plan) to avoid.
  • Puts YOU in charge of the process. Contains facts and strategies you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Shows you secrets to negotiating more services and creating “emotional stories” so schools WANT to help you.

Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin and Special Education Attorney Jeffrey C. Martin break the process into simple, easily understood and effective strategies that work. The program features:

  • Three full length DVDs featuring four hours of practical strategies and special Q&A session.
  • 200 pages of simple checklists, sample forms, actual IEPs and more on a CD.
  • A Workbook on CD that allows you to follow along with the video, make notes and create an Action Plan for multiple children.

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ADHD University: Raise Confident, Positive Kids
(3 Audio CDs, Workbook & Kirk’s written Q&A to over 50 questions).

Features 50+ strategies for kids of all ages with ODD, OCD, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing issues and more.

Your child DOES NOT have to be diagnosed for these strategies to work. They work with all kids.

“Listening to the ADHD University cd set has radically changed not only how I interact with my own children, but also how I relate to the students I teach. And I’m only at the beginning of disc 2!”

Learn practical, concrete strategies to help your child:

  • Control his impulses, emotions, anxiety and sensory issues.
  • Feel successful, good about himself and accepted by friends.
  • Improve focus, organization, social skills and behavior in school.
  • Stop power struggles over morning, homework, transitions, unexpected changes, dinner and bedtime.

Reg. $497 NOW for Only $197


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