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Do you…

  • Feel overly responsible for managing every part of your child’s life?
  • Think you’re stuck in a negative cycle of yelling, nagging, and negotiating?
  • Feel guilty and judged because of unrealistic parenting expectations?
  • Struggle with resentment trying to make everyone happy while you crumble inside?
  • Second-guess yourself and often feel guilty?
  • Find you’re inconsistent with discipline, making empty threats often?
  • Feel overwhelmed by school and/or the IEP process?
  • Scream “You need to calm down!” at your kids?
  • Disagree with your spouse on how to discipline your child?
  • Live in the same house with your spouse, but lead separate lives?
  • Find the evening routine goes better when your spouse is away?
  • Love your spouse, but sabotage your most important relationships?

Ready to learn how to stand up for yourself, show self-respect and get back control of your life?

Does your child…

  • Have a big heart, but sabotage friendships?
  • Control others, act bossy and enforce “fairness”?
  • Relate well to adults and younger children, but struggle with peers?
  • Get a thrill from pushing your buttons and arguing like an attorney?
  • Melt down over changes, disappointments, and little things?
  • Live a disorganized, forgetful, and impulsive life?
  • Appear unmotivated and underperform academically?
  • Become frustrated getting thoughts from head to paper while writing?
  • Constantly move, fidget, make noises, or chew on things?
  • Play video games for hours, but can’t focus on work for 10 minutes?
  • Like to cuddle, wrestle, or be wrapped in blankets?
  • Live in fear of being alone or the dark, insisting you lie down with him/her at bedtime?
  • Have a sensitivity to touch, noise, sight, aromas, or clothes?
  • Procrastinate with homework, but hyper-focuses on personal projects?
  • Need you to be close or have your undivided attention?
  • Show obsessive-compulsive tendencies?
  • Have difficulty sleeping?
  • Appear not to be listening, but remember what you say weeks later?
  • Say, “I’m bored!” or “I’m stupid” often?
  • Wear the same clothes every day?
  • Graze on the same foods every day?
  • Get angry or impatient when you talk too much or lecture?
  • Act extremely funny, but also pensive and moody?
  • Get along great with one parent, but struggle when both are around?
  • Cheat, lie and blame others?

If you nodded your head to three or more, that means you are not alone and we “get” your kids. It also means you are a click away from a home FREE from yelling, whining and battles.

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You have allowed guilt and worry to control you for too long. It’s time to take charge and create the family life your kids desperately need.

Kirk Martin
Founder, Celebrate Calm

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