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ADHD University™ (3 Audio CDs + Workbook & Kirk’s Written Q&A to over 50 Questions) This is the most comprehensive program we’ve ever created. Learn 50 practical, concrete strategies to help your child to: Be responsible without making excuse  and control his impulses, emotions, anxiety, and sensory issues.ADHD-University-Mock-Up2 Click here to learn more.

  • Dozens of practical strategies for any child who struggles with focus, anxiety, homework, impulse control, organization, social skills, transitions, etc.
  • Most comprehensive program ever—for home and the classroom.
  • Build confidence so your child accepts responsibility without making excuses.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


defiance smallStop Defiance & Disrespect NOW! (2 Audio CDs, 2 hours)
Learn specific words to end the backtalk, eye rolling and emotional power struggles with kids who act like attorneys. Every family need this–it’s foundational. Click here to learn more.

  • Eliminate the emotional power struggles and endless arguments.
  • Stop kids from rolling their eyes, talking back or silently ignoring you.
  • Diffuse demanding kids who argue, throw meltdowns, or act bossy.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


Discipline-OnlyDiscipline That Works: Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time (2 Audio CDs, 2 hours)
Kirk will show you 25 ways to discipline without yelling to stop the fighting, lying, tantrums, whining, complaining and more. Learn to give directions ONE time… NO more repeating things!
Click here to learn more.
  • Give directions one time. No more repeating yourself, yelling or bribing!
  • Stop lying, hitting, interrupting, tantrums, whining, and complaining.
  • Teach kids how to control themselves. A must have in every home.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


Straight-Talk-For-Kids-Case-OnlyStraight Talk for Kids: Casey Speaks Directly to Your Kids (3 Audio CDs, 3 hours)
Want your kids to be more responsible and confident? Casey Martin shares his own struggles and shows other kids how to control their own emotions, make friendships, and succeed in school. Kids listen to another kid! Perfect for kids ages 6-26. Click here to learn more.

  • Kids listen as a teenager shows them how to deal with daily disappointment, anger, frustration, peer pressure, irritating siblings, and homework.
  • Kids feel understood, confident, motivated, and purposeful.
  • Casey teachers kids how to communicate with parents respectfully to earn trust.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


STFM Case OnlyStraight Talk for Stressed-Out Moms (2 Audio CDs, 2 hours)
Get The Respect & Peace You Deserve. Learn how to say no to unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and guilt trips. Live with passion, joy, and peace. Begin leading with confidence and finally feel like a good Mom! Click here to learn more.

  • Stop neglecting yourself to make everyone else happy. Learn to make yourself a priority.
  • Say no to unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and guilt trips.
  • Don’t allow others to manipulate you and push your buttons.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


Mens Case OnlyI Want To Be A Good Dad & Husband (2 Audio CDs, 2 hours)
Every man I know wants to be a good dad and husband. But no one ever showed us HOW. So we say, “It’s my way or the highway,” yell, dismiss our wives’ concerns or just check out. And leave parenting to our wives. Our kids feel alienated. What men need is a game plan. Kirk’s goal is to give men 25 simple, concrete strategies they can use every single day. Click here to learn more.

  • Learn simple, practical ways to change the “my way or the highway” approach that alienates your kids.
  • Calm upset kids instead of escalating situations and punishing.
  • Handle chaos at home after a long day at work.
  • Make your wife feel valued and respected instead of dismissing her concerns.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


Motivate-Kids-Casey-Only10 Secrets to Motivate Unmotivated Kids (2 Audio CDs, 2 hours)
Have a child who isn’t motivated by consequences or bribes? Who is apathetic or defiant or just doesn’t fit in? Kirk will show you 10 specific, proven ways to spark your child’s internal motivation. Your kids want to be confident and purposeful–we’ll show you how. Click here to learn more.

  • Internally motivate kids who don’t respond to consequences, are apathetic or don’t care about school.
  • Get your kids to stop playing video games and start being purposeful.
  • Inspire kids who appear angry, negative, lazy or entitled.


Physical CD Set $1972 payments $99MP3 Download $197


Ages2-7-Case-OnlyKids Ages 2-7: Build the Right Foundation (2 Audio CDs, 2 hours & 80 Written Q&A with Kirk) 
If you have younger kids, this set of CDs is an absolute MUST. Kirk will give you the exact words to use when your kids argue and scream constantly, hit, kick, spit, bite, and throw things, whine, complain, and throw tantrums in public, or interrupt you while you’re on the phone. Features 2 Audio CDs and Q&A Workbook. Click here to learn more.

  • Kirk shows you exactly what to do in the 80 toughest situations from morning to dinner to bedtime with kids ages 2-7.
  • Stop the tantrums, screaming, hitting, biting, and throwing.
  • Get kids to listen and do what you ask without the meltdowns and crying.


Physical CD Set for $97 MP3 Download for $97


Sibling-Case-OnlyStop Sibling Fights: Stop Being the Referee (2 CDs, 2 hours) *AVAILABLE ONLY AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD/MP3
Teach your kids how to handle conflict themselves so you don’t have to be the constant referee. Kirk provides specific, concrete strategies that work when your kids get physical and hurt each other, tattle, fight over chores, or squabble in the car, restaurants, and in public. Click here to learn more.

  • Stop being the referee in the home.
  • Stop the mean, rude, and hurtful verbal and physical attacks.
  • Stop the petty arguments over chores, video games, iPads and everything else!
MP3 Download for $97


Screens Cover OnlyControl Screens So They Don’t Control You
 (2 audio CDs)
Our goal isn’t simply to get your kids to stop playing video games and texting. It’s to teach them how to interact socially and build relationships with eye contact; experience the joy of using their gifts to serve others; discover new passions and enjoy being outside; and cultivate their creativity and imagination. Click here to learn more.

  • Stop power struggles over phones, DS and video games without arguments or tears, even when schools require a tablet.
  • Stop sibling wars over limited screen time or one computer in the home.
  • Break the addiction to Minecraft and nasty attitude when kids get off screens.


Physical CD Set for $97 MP3 Download for $97


Our Most Popular DVD Program
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Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin and his son, Casey, give you 40 specific, concrete strategies to stop the arguments, yelling, defiance and disrespect. Together with your kids, you’ll watch four DVDs filled with practical strategies and laugh-out-loud funny examples from everyday life. Click here to watch four video clips for each session.

6 Things that Come with  the HOME EDITION:

  1. (4) 1-hour DVDs (4 DVD discs, 4-hours).
  2. 55 page Color Workbook (with action steps, discussion tips)
  3. MP3 AUDIO Download (listen on your iPhone, iPad, etc.).
  4. Physical CD set, “Calm 24/7” (2 discs, 2-hours).
  5. Got Calm Bag. It’s fashionable and your friends will be jealous!
  6. LifeTime Membership–register once, attend as many classes as you want.


Physical DVD Set $1992 payments $99

INSTANT ACCESS 24/7 FROM ANY DEVICE (internet connection)
Watch the DVDs on any internet connected devices: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices and Kindles. Watch instantly in 1080HD. Includes a PDF Workbook.



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