Learn 10 Ways to Spark Your Child’s Internal Motivation (2 audio CDs, 2 hours)

Motivate-Kids-Amaray-Case-Mock-Up-2Very few things are as frustrating as an unmotivated child. You have tried lecturing, consequences, threats and bribes. If external motivation worked, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Exactly how do you motivate a child who doesn’t respond to consequences? What about a teenager who seems lazy and undisciplined, who doesn’t show any interest in school work? What about a teen or foster child who is angry and even belligerent? Or the grown child who is floundering in his 20’s? You may have a 7 or 17-year-old who won’t do homework. And don’t forget the child who quits activities. We are even going to show you how to get your kids off their video games without a power struggle.

Kirk answers your toughest questions with specific, concrete strategies:

  • How do you motivate kids who are negative, apathetic or feel entitled?
  • What do you do when your child rolls her eyes or talks disrespectfully?
  • We will give you the exact words to use to stop this dead in its tracks.
  • How do you motivate kids to try new activities and stick with them?
  • How do you get your kids to stop playing video games?
  • How do you motivate a strong-willed toddler to listen?
  • How can you motivate your kids to get active and moving? They just kind of sit there.
  • How do you motivate your older child (late teens, 20’s) to grow up and be responsible?

Ignite internal motivation and passion within your child.

  • Get your kids to stop playing video games…and start being purposeful and productive.
  • Stop the eye rolling and backtalk dead in its tracks.
  • Inspire kids who are angry, negative, lazy or entitled.
  • Get your kids to move, try new activities and stick with them.
  • Motivate your adult child (20+) to grow up and be responsible.

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