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Pre-schoolers hitting and spitting; when do you “make” teenagers do things; why eye contact is overrated; sibling fights; report cards; kids who manipulate you and how to call their bluff; organization tips; sensory issues in detail; getting Dads involved and teens being responsible.


One of my favorite shows to record. Felt lots of energy and passion. Bullying, teenagers shutting down, do you “make” your kids do things, anxiety and new experiences, getting kids to take medication, a completely different way to do morning routine, insight into hubbies and more.


5-hour car rides with miserable, bored kids; nutrition and supplements; homework struggles; social skills; cutting the chords with parents; video games; defiance; alternative schooling and more.


The Chinese mother controversy, why our kids struggle with social skills, destructive toddlers, motivating teens, why kids struggle with disorganization, bossy behavior, OCD, asking “What’s the plan, what’s the plan?”, wearing the same clothes and eating same foods (mac and cheese, chicken nuggets), enforcing justice and fairness, difficulty with new experiences, meltdowns over little things?