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April 10, 2012

How do you get dawdling kids to move and respect your time? Want a completely different way to handle sibling fights? Why should you crush those tea cups under your SUV? How can you get kids over their anxiety to try new activities? How can you help kids addicted to video games? What do you do if you’ve had an “emotional affair” with another person? Tune in for practical answers! 10 topics in 30 minutes :)

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10 Great Questions. What to do when in-laws discipline your kids; the purpose of discipline (may surprise you!); how to get kids to rise to do their best; picky eaters (mac and cheese/chicken nuggets anyone?!); teenage girls and cell phones; bossy kids who correct others incorrectly; getting kids engaged in sports; how do you get other people to understand your child?; why many marriages stink.

Click here to listen to Kirk.

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Radio Show Q&A: Ask Away

I’ll be recording a new Radio Show this afternoon. Post your questions below and I’ll answer as many as possible during the show!

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Great show today! What to say to the perfect sister-in-law with the perfect kids; 6-yr-old hitting and screaming; 10-yr-old having meltdowns; medication and nutrition issues; disrespect toward teachers; need for a psychologist; teen girl dealing with bullying; how to implement strategies; how to get kids to bed earlier and realize the importance of sleep (yeah right!); homework takes forever; managing screen time; cool solution for kids cranky after school; the power of focused intensity.


Lots of focus on Dads today. I shared how my wife and son had to manage my emotions and how I changed; what to do when a husband is verbally abusive or competes with kids; tools for kids who are sensitive to the noise of irritating siblings; kids keeping hands to themselves during transitions; consequences; how to help pre-schoolers who can’t talk rationally; school anxiety; controlling other people’s emotions and more. Listen in—it’s worth your time!


Why don’t my kids listen until I yell?; are you comfortable with your child being different?; kids who carry little things in pockets; the Grandma who deserves a time-out; lessons from the Ghetto Burger; middle school boy being destructive; is medication essential for this 7-year-old?; why I think a hubby who just orders kids around and gives time-outs is lazy; girl wants to wear leopard print pants with striped shirt—whose problem is that?!; how deal with people who don’t understand our kids and judge us?; social skills and sensory issues; do you control your spouse more or yourself?; advantages of strong-willed kids.

03/09/12 Live from Long Island, NY

I don’t want schools to educate my child DESPITE his differences—I want schools to EMBRACE his uniqueness; a strategy more effective than consequences; kids taking ownership of their emotions and attitudes; building self-control; sensory kids with extended, physical meltdowns; bossy child upset when others don’t follow rules and always has to be better than siblings; kids who make noises and bang on table; getting parents on same page; over-sensitive kids and more.


Topics covered: Are emotions good or bad; kids who are negative; homework meltdowns; medication; constant tantrums; getting kids off video games; kids keeping commitments; changing attitudes; kids who spin or slap; motivating tweens; teachers helping pre-schoolers.

Featured Episode from December 2011

Something cool happened on this Radio Show today. I went in a direction I hadn’t planned and it was very emotional. It was one of the most important lessons I have ever recorded. It is worth your time. We also covered what to do when kids get unruly in the car. For those who think we’re softies with discipline, I love bringing the hammer down…just calmly!


Today we waded into controversy and I LOVED it! Shouldn’t my kids just obey when I tell them? Do we have double standards? How can we problem-solve instead of punishing so much? How to get teens off video games. Who defines our kids? Teens with attitudes. Social skills. Homeschooling issues. Anxiety in little kids. Motivating kids to clean up. Fights over clothes.