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Build confidence without crushing your child’s spirit


Your child does NOT have to struggle in school.

Get the Help Your Child Needs & Deserves

Do you have a child whose confidence is being destroyed in school? Does your child feel stupid or like a “bad kid” because he has difficulty with focus, attention, social skills or behavior? Are you tired of fighting the school and “wishing” things were different? Exhausted by fighting over homework that takes way too long? It doesn’t have to be that way. Based on work in 60,000 schools with tens of thousands of children like yours, we have developed two phenomenal resources to get your child the help he needs and deserves.

“I finally feel like I’m in control. I have a written game plan
to get specifically what my son needs to succeed.”

– Heather Groehn

“I learned more in the first two hours than in the past 20 years
as an Occupational Therapist in the school system.”
– Laurie Chuba

How to Advocate For Your Child (IEPs & 504s from A-Z™) (3-DVDs + CD Workbook)

No process is more confusing, frustrating and emotionally draining than the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process. You sit in a room–feeling overwhelmed and desperate–wanting one thing: for your child to be given a fair chance. We are thrilled to provide the only complete guide that explains–with authority, clarity and practical examples–how to get the help your child needs. “IEPs from A-Z: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advocate Effectively”:

  • Makes a complex process simple and easy to understand. We show you exactly what to do and say.
  • Helps you get more special education services for your child than you even knew existed.
  • Exposes 10 common lies (i.e. “Your child is too smart to qualify”) and 10 common mistakes (signing the IEP, settling for a 504 Plan) to avoid.
  • Puts YOU in charge of the process. Contains facts and strategies you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Shows you secrets to negotiating more services and creating “emotional stories” so schools WANT to help you.

Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin and Special Education Attorney Jeffrey C. Martin break the process into simple, easily understood and effective strategies that work. The program features:

  • Three full length DVDs featuring four hours of practical strategies and special Q&A session.
  • 200 pages of simple checklists, sample forms, actual IEPs and more on a CD.
  • A Workbook on CD that allows you to follow along with the video, make notes and create an Action Plan for multiple children.

Reg. $497… Order Now for Only $197

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ADHD University: Raise Confident, Positive Kids
(3 Audio CDs, Workbook & Kirk’s written Q&A to over 50 questions).

Features 50+ strategies for kids of all ages with ODD, OCD, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing issues and more.

Your child DOES NOT have to be diagnosed for these strategies to work. They work with all kids.

“Listening to the ADHD University cd set has radically changed not only how I interact with my own children, but also how I relate to the students I teach. And I’m only at the beginning of disc 2!”

Learn practical, concrete strategies to help your child:

  • Control his impulses, emotions, anxiety and sensory issues.
  • Feel successful, good about himself and accepted by friends.
  • Improve focus, organization, social skills and behavior in school.
  • Stop power struggles over morning, homework, transitions, unexpected changes, dinner and bedtime.

Reg. $497 NOW for Only $197


Click here to Buy & Download ADHD University INSTANTLY.

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16 FREE Workshops in Northern VA & NC. January 7 – February 6

Bring friends to the following FREE Workshops. There is no need to register.

  • Eliminate defiance, disrespect, and power struggles (even with teens).
  • Improve focus, attention, and behavior in class.
  • Relieve anxiety, sensory issues and sibling fights.
  • Create behavior plans that really change behavior.
  • Get kids to take responsibility for their attitudes, choices and work.

“We used a few of the strategies you discussed at the workshop for our morning routine and it worked like a charm. We were actually ready for school 10 minutes early and everyone was smiling. That is pretty much a miracle in our house.” – Shannon B., Fairfax, VA

Want a sneak peak? Click below.

Kirk Martin tackles the most challenging issues (defiance, disrespect, bullying, sense of entitlement, sibling fights, and more) with specific, concrete strategies that work in the real world. Kirk’s goal is generational transformation. Here is what others have said:

“I heard you speak last month and was FLOORED by how RIGHT ON you are. I’ve been listening to two of your CDs and implemented a few of your tips and had AMAZING results. I can’t thank you enough!” – Sue S., Atlanta, GA 



Thursday, January 16           7:00pm – 9:00pm
Trinity Presbyterian Church / 651 Dranesville Rd. / Herndon, VA 20170

Friday, January 17                9:30am – 11:30am
Trinity Presbyterian Church / 651 Dranesville Rd. / Herndon, VA 20170

Tuesday, January 21             7:00pm – 9:00pm
Mt. Vernon Community School / 2601 Commonwealth Ave. / Alexandria, VA 22305

Wednesday, January 22        8:30am – 10:30am
Mt. Vernon Community School / 2601 Commonwealth Ave. / Alexandria, VA 22305

Wednesday, January 22        7:00pm – 9:00pm
Long Branch Elementary School / 33 N. Fillmore St. / Arlington, VA 22201

Thursday, January 23       9:30am – 11:30am
Saint Rita Catholic School / 3801 Russell Rd. / Alexandria, VA 22305

Thursday, January 23       7:00pm – 9:00pm
Irving Middle School (Barker Hall) / 8100 Old Keene Mill Rd. / Springfield, VA 22152


For more information, please visit http://www.smhea.org or email donandlaurabailey@gmail.com. 

Friday,  January 31           7:15pm – 9:15pm
Fellowship Church / 8000 Middlebrook Pike / Knoxville, TN 37909

Saturday, February 1       9:00am – 3:00pm
Fellowship Church / 8000 Middlebrook Pike / Knoxville, TN 37909
3 Workshops: 9:15am-10:15am / 11:30am-12:20pm / 1:30pm-2:20am


Monday, February 3                8:30am – 10:00am
Carolina Day School / 1345 Hendersonville Rd. / Asheville, NC 28803

Monday, February 3                7:00pm – 9:00pm
Carolina Day School / 1345 Hendersonville Rd. / Asheville, NC 28803

Tuesday, February 4               9:30am – 11:30am
Lake Forest Church / 8519 Gilead Rd. / Huntersville, NC 28078

Tuesday, February 4               7:00pm – 9:00pm
Lake Forest Church / 8519 Gilead Rd. / Huntersville, NC 28078

Wednesday, February 5          9:30am – 11:30am
Myers Park Presbyterian Church / 2501 Oxford Place / Charlotte, NC 28207 

Wednesday, February 5         7:00pm – 9:00pm
Myers Park Presbyterian Church / 2501 Oxford Place / Charlotte, NC 28207

Thursday, February 6            9:30am – 11:30am
The Rankin Institute @ The Fletcher School / Charlotte, NC 28270

Thursday, February 6            7:00pm – 9:00pm
The Rankin Institute @ The Fletcher School / Charlotte, NC 28270

All events are FREE. There is no need to register. Come out and bring a few friends!
Content will apply to toddlers, teens and everything in between. Kids 10 years and older are welcome at the workshops.

It’s time to bring Kirk to your PTA event, school, church or synagogue.

Click here to see why parents connect so strongly with Kirk’s message. PTA board members, Principals, School Counselors and Pastors, take action now. Call Brett at 888-506-1871 or email Brett@CelebrateCalm.com for details on bringing Kirk to your area.


6 Free Videos to Help Your Kids

Kirk recently teamed up with three other experts to provide practical, concrete strategies to help your kids be successful at home and in the classroom. Click below to watch these six short videos. You’ll go to a page with several experts. Scroll to the bottom to watch Kirk’s videos.

UPDATE: We apologize for the inconvenience. We are having some technical difficulties at the moment. Please come back shortly as the videos are worth watching!


Conquer Anxiety, Guilt & Yelling. FREE CD Set & Live Event

Q: Why should I do this program?
You get on your kids constantly, lecturing and eventually yelling. You do too much for everyone else, but it’s never good enough. Everything has to be just so. You worry too much and struggle with guilt, never feeling like you’re doing a good enough job as a Mom. It’s part of your family tree.

You probably inherited this from your parents or grandparents. It’s not your kids’ or spouse’s issue. It’s your issue. And that’s good news because that means YOU have the power to create a new family tree. This is a gift to your kids. You get to be the pioneer who breaks these negative generational patterns so that your kids don’t grow up and struggle with the same issues.

Q: Why is it more expensive than your other CDs?
I am not discounting this program as much for one simple reason. If you really want to break these generational patterns, you’re going to have to be committed and work extremely hard. I don’t want people investing in this program until they are ready to invest in themselves enough to do it right. If you follow the directions, you will change in ways you cannot imagine. Being calm and free of the lecturing, worrying, guilt and yelling will become ingrained in your heart and brain. It will become second nature. And the generational pattern will be broken. Let’s do this over the summer so you are ready for the stress of the school year.

Register NOW and you receive the “Conquer Anxiety, Guilt and Yelling” Program FREE.

If you cannot attend the LIVE EVENT, you can go through the program right from your own homeYou get:

  1. CD #1: We get to the root of your anxiety and give you 20 specific, practical strategies to conquer it.
  2. CD #2: You get the 30-Day Challenge. Features 30 action steps you listen to as daily reminders on your smartphone, iPad or computer.
  3. Written Workbook, Journal & 30-Day Challenge so you can take notes and create an action plan (downloadable).
  4. Written answers and strategies to 100 of the toughest situations that cause you anxiety (downloadable).
  5. Access to ask Kirk specific questions about your situation.

Click here to learn more about the Special Pre-Sale on the Conquer Anxiety CD set here.

Conquer Anxiety, Guilt & Yelling. Finally.
Saturday, July 27

You’ve tried on your own to get control of your anxiety, but you’ve never gotten to the root of it. It’s controlling you, deep inside. So you try to control everyone else’s behavior, emotions, happiness and opinions—at first by explaining, then lecturing, then yelling. Instead of gratitude, you get power struggles. And you end up falling back into the old traps, which creates a vicious cycle of guilt and hopelessness. Nothing can please you.

Does this describe you or your spouse:

  • When your kids push your buttons, you react. Almost every time. You just can’t stop.
  • You get on your kids because they don’t do things “the right way,” which is “your way.”
  • You lecture your child constantly, even when you see the harm it is doing. You just can’t stop. It always kicks back in.
  • You create or participate in drama. There’s always an emergency or something that needs your immediate attention.
  • First you ask nicely, and then when your child doesn’t respond appropriately, you begin lecturing and finally yelling.
  • When things aren’t just so (kitchen, kids’ bedrooms, their clothes, little things), it irritates you and puts you on edge. You find yourself getting on them about their clothes, bedrooms, etc. constantly. It creates power struggles.
  • When your child is struggling during homework, you end up saying, “If you would just focus, you would be done in 45 minutes instead of it taking three hours.” You are anxious that if he doesn’t get his homework done, you’ll be a bad parent, he won’t do well in school and won’t be successful in life. So you put more pressure on. It creates a power struggle.
  • You view authority figures or God as this unrelenting taskmaster who is never happy with you. You’re always trying harder, but can’t quite please him. You believe that God punishes you routinely, so you find yourself punishing your kids more than teaching them. They can’t really please you, either.
  • You are afraid your kids are going to be “bad kids” if you are not on them all the time. You dish out harsh punishments that are out of proportion. That’s your anxiety.
  • You don’t see your child living up to his potential. You’re afraid he won’t be successful, you wonder who is going to marry him or hire him! So you bring out the lectures, you ride him constantly. He either pushes back or shuts down.
  • You get anxious when you go places. You either find yourself running late or getting irritated when your kids dawdle. You bark orders and tell the kids to, “Move! Move! Move!” but they end up going more slowly.
  • You feel compelled to change people’s opinions or prove that you are right. Sometimes it hurts relationships because you can’t just let it go and realize that person has a different opinion than you.
  • You seek to find relief from this anxiety by escaping and it’s turning into an addiction. You have a few drinks or more at night, look at porn, gamble, seek some new scheme to make money. Or maybe you disappear into your work, play video games, do drugs or constantly buy things or fix up your house.
  • You feel like you’re never a good enough Mom. It kind of hangs over you constantly. You could always be doing more or doing something better. You second guess yourself constantly.
  • You feel compelled to always be busy. There’s always something else to do. You find yourself “rushing” a lot. In some ways, you like that adrenaline rush.
  • You feel judged by your parents. After all, if you were a better parent, your kids wouldn’t behave this way. It hurts inside.
  • You allow your kids to decorate the Christmas tree, but can’t wait for them to go to bed so you can “fix it.” That’s perfectionism.
  • You kind of follow your kids around, picking up their messes, making adjustments, fixing the way they loaded the dishwasher, always showing or “teaching” (i.e. lecturing) them about a better way.
  • You routinely tell your kids, “If you would just apply yourself…” and it causes them to shut down. They can’t satisfy your anxiety.

Conquering your anxiety means YOU are in control of your life and emotions. You are purposeful, focused and have the right priorities.

Through this Conquer Anxiety Conference, Kirk will provide specific, concrete strategies to:

  • Stop the lecturing and yelling once and for all—it destroys your kids’ confidence, causes power struggles and never works.
  • Break the patterns that make you feel rushed, irritable, angry, and on edge. Say no to unnecessary drama that drains you.
  • Resign from that job you’ve had your whole life—no more need to be responsible for everyone’s happiness and prove you’re right.
  • Be free from guilt, worry and perfectionism over your kids’ future and your job as a parent.

You have said, “I wish I could tattoo this message on my brain.” THIS is how we get this message internalized so it becomes part of who you are, second nature. It’s not about just developing new habits—it’s about becoming a new person, breaking old patterns and creating a new family tree.

On Saturday, July 27th, join Kirk Martin to break these negative patterns once and for all. You will walk away with a deep understanding of yourself AND very specific strategies to counter your most irritating triggers. Kirk will save several hours for Q&A so he can answer your specific questions during this time.

Everyone who registers NOW will receive a FREE set of “Conquer Anxiety, Guilt & Yelling.” This CD & Workbook program also features the written 30-Day Challenge Kirk has used to help thousands of people break generational patterns. FREE.

Click here to learn more about the Conquer Anxiety CD set here.

Additionally, you’ll get unlimited access to ask Kirk specific questions to your most challenging issues. For less than the price of one phone consultation, you get 6 hours of insight and strategies.

Saturday, July 27 from 9:00am – 3:00pm
Embassy Suites in Tysons Corner, VA. / 8517 Leesburg Pike / Vienna, VA 22182.
Details sent upon registration.

Register for Conquer Anxiety/Q&A with Kirk for Only  $397 (Includes FREE CD Set)

FREE 2-CD/Workbook Offer good for those who attend the live event.
Because seats are limited, no refunds will be issued.
The price includes attendance by your spouse.

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2 payments of $198.50


Call us at 888-506-1871 or Brett@CelebrateCalm.com with any questions.

Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Meltdowns

Stop Defiance & Disrespect Now™ (4-Audio CD Set)

Sample Audio Clips:

From Stop Defiance & Disrespect

From Straight Talk for Dads

Get a step-by-step guide to eliminating defiance and turning meltdowns and tantrums into opportunities to build a deeper relationship with your child. Discover 15 specific ways to turn intense, emotional moments into opportunities to:

  • Deepen your relationship with your child.
  • Model appropriate responses to stress.
  • Eliminate defiance, backtalk, meltdowns and more.
  • Change your child’s response to you in 22 seconds or less.
  • Teach your kids a life skill more valuable than any other: the ability to control their own emotions.

Calm KidsThis offer also includes a bonus CD: Straight Talk for Dads and two CD workbooks. Dads, learn 10 specific ways to use the tremendous power you have as a dad to foster respectful children, enjoy the relationship you’ve always wanted with your kids, and be the dad you want to be.

Reg. $197… Order NOW for Only $97

If you could stop your kids from talking back or melting down,  what would that be worth?! Ships ASAP.

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

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Reg. $197… NOW ONLY $97

Call us at 888-506-1871 or Brett@CelebrateCalm.com with any questions.

Stop Sibling Fights & Bullying: Get Your Kids to Control Themselves





Get Your Kids to Control Themselves.

Stop being the referee. Teach your kids to handle conflict.

When kids bicker, hit, and whine, it makes you want to pull your hair out. What do you do when your kids say, “That’s not fair” or “He’s looking at me!”?What do you do when an older child picks on the younger one, or vice versa? How do you get teens to play with younger siblings?

What do you do when your kids get physical and hit each other? How do you get kids to share without causing resentment? How do you survive summer, stop bullying, and manage fights between kids when one has special needs?

  • Stop being the referee.
  • Stop physical fights that lead to fears.
  • Stop the mean, rude, hurtful verbal attacks.
  • Stop fights when kids have special or sensory needs.
  • Stop petty arguments in the car and shared bedrooms.
  • Stop the provoking child from being irritating; stop his sibling from reacting.

Kirk gives you specific, concrete strategies that work when kids:

  • Get physical and someone gets hurt.
  • Are mean, rude and say hurtful things.
  • Have conflicting sensory needs or share a bedroom.
  • Tattle and have five different versions of what happened.
  • Bug their older siblings to play.
  • Are best friends one minute and fighting the next.
  • Argue over chores, the iPad, computer or video games.
  • Get resentful over life revolving around a child with special needs.
  • Fight in the car, restaurants and public places.

What is my ultimate purpose? I want to teach kids how to control their own behavior and handle conflict in healthy ways. Much of life consists of handling difficult situation with other human beings. Many of us as adults cannot have difficult discussions with our spouses or grown parents—this results in unhealthy relationships and pain. I want to break that cycle in the next generation. I want kids with self-discipline who know how to handle difficult relationship issues.

BONUS! Kirk answers your 30 toughest questions with specific strategies:

Q: My sons treat each other terribly, particularly my older son treating his younger brother with contempt and getting angry with him constantly.

Q: My 12-year-old twin girls have all the answers and anything I say is just stupid. They all believe that they are the most important and that if I’m not siding with them, that the other is my favorite.

Q: How do we survive summer when the kids get restless?

Q: My 3-year-old son is so jealous when my husband holds our 8-month-old baby. He’ll act like a baby.

Q: Younger brother thinks it’s funny to instigate and bug older brother. Then when his brother plays along and it goes “too far,” younger son gets all upset.

Q: My son speaks rudely to and tears down his sister. He’s rude, mean and condescending.

Q: What do you do when kids bicker, tease and tattle on each other?

Q: What do I do when my kids don’t obey right away, but then “forget” what I asked them to do.

Q: Car rides are a NIGHTMARE!

Q: My 8 yr old is a people magnet and friends and cousins all play with her as she is easy going. This makes the 10 year old feel badly and act out.

Q: How do we respond when older son (11) physically hurts the younger son (7)? He just can’t control himself.

Q: One minute my kids are best friends and the next minute someone’s hurt, then back to best friends. What can I do?

Q: How do I get my older son to play with his younger brother? The younger brother picks at his older brother to get attention.

Q: What do you do when kids are physically beating on each other, or it starts off playfully and then someone gets hurt?

Q: How do we stop the fighting between teens who share a room?

Q: My daughter (8) constantly picks at her brother (3). For instance, yesterday he saw a dump truck and was excited, she responded with “nobody cares about dump trucks!” Related: my son always has to be #1 and can’t be gracious with his brother.

Q: Our oldest son is always pestering or wanting to hug our younger son. Sometimes younger son doesn’t mind…other times he screams like he’s being killed.

Q: What do you do when two neighborhood kids lie about your daughter on the bus and get her in trouble at school?

Q: How do I get my 13-year-old with Aspergers to stop fighting with his three-year-old sibling?

Q: Related question. What tips can you give for helping the child who is a sibling to a special needs child and feels like things are controlled by or all about the child with special needs?

Q: My kids argue over who is doing chores, who gets the iPad, computer or phone. If I try to assign chores, they fight over who does what, who is doing more work, whose job is harder….ugh!! If there was nothing to fight about, they would probably argue over whether the sky is blue!!

Q: My 6-year-old picks on his brother (9) constantly. He lies a lot, has temper tantrums and storms out of the room screaming. My oldest doesn’t fight back, he wants to keep things calm for everyone.

Q: My almost 11-yr-old blames his siblings for everything.

Q: I have a boy (10) with high functioning autism and a 7-year-old girl. They both have sensory issues that conflict. I know they are frustrated with each other but the “I hate you” and meanness pushes me over the edge.

Q: How do I handle bullying at school?

Q: I have 13 and 14 year old girls. The older wants her privacy while the younger wants to be with her all the time.

Q: Kids are playing outside and something happens. They come running in with five different stories or versions.

Special Pre-Sale. For our most valued clients, we have reserved 100 copies of this new CD for half price at only $97.

If you could stop your kids from that nasty cycle of provoking and reacting, what would that be worth?! In the moment, you’d probably pay $97 just for peace and quiet one afternoon. Stop Sibling Fights will ship by May 31st so you are ready for summer with siblings!

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

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Reg. $197… NOW ONLY $97
Ships May 31st.

Call us at 888-506-1871 or Brett@CelebrateCalm.com with any questions.

ADHD University™: SOLD OUT.

ADHD University™: One Day Only. Get Answers That Work. Friday, July 26.

Courtyard By Marriott
1960-A Chain Bridge Rd.
Tysons Corner, VA

Event has sold out.

Over the course of a decade, we worked with 1,500 children (including our own son) with ADD, ADHD, SPD, OCD, ODD, Aspergers, etc., right in our own home. We have an understanding of these kids, their challenges, and what works with them that is very unique. Kirk is also an adult with ADHD. He knows how this impacts relationships, marriages, work life.

On Friday, July 26th, join Kirk Martin for his original ADHD University all-day class. About half of the class time will consist of a live presentation featuring insight you’ve never heard before. You will understand WHY your kids and spouse do the things that drive you crazy. But Kirk doesn’t stop there. He shows you exactly HOW to help your kids be successful. He will also provide insight if you are an adult with ADHD–or are married to someone with ADHD. This is great training for teachers and professionals as well. Kirk will save several hours for Q&A so he can answer your specific questions during this time. Plus you’ll learn from answers to other parents’ questions.

Do you, your spouse or your kids struggle with any of the following:

  • Have a big heart, but sabotage friendships?
  • Control others, act bossy and enforce “fairness”?
  • Relate well to adults and younger children, but struggle with peers?
  • Get a thrill from pushing your buttons and arguing like an attorney?
  • Melt down over changes, disappointments, and little things?
  • Live a disorganized, forgetful, and impulsive life?
  • Appear unmotivated and underperform academically?
  • Become frustrated getting thoughts from head to paper while writing?
  • Constantly move, fidget, make noises, or chew on things?
  • Play video games for hours, but can’t focus on work for 10 minutes?
  • Like to cuddle, wrestle, or be wrapped in blankets?
  • Live in fear of being alone or the dark, insisting you lie down with him/her at bedtime?
  • Have a sensitivity to touch, noise, sight, aromas, or clothes?
  • Procrastinate with homework, but hyper-focuses on personal projects?
  • Need you to be close or have your undivided attention?
  • Show obsessive-compulsive tendencies?
  • Have difficulty sleeping?
  • Appear not to be listening, but remember what you say weeks later?
  • Say, “I’m bored!” or “I’m stupid” often?
  • Wear the same clothes every day?
  • Graze on the same foods every day?
  • Get angry or impatient when you talk too much or lecture?
  • Act extremely funny, but also pensive and moody?
  • Get along great with one parent, but struggle when both are around?
  • Cheat, lie and blame others?

Through ADHD University™, Kirk will provide specific, concrete strategies to:

  • Improve focus, follow through and grades in school.
  • Improve behavior so your child’s confidence isn’t destroyed in school.
  • Help your kids listen without being told sixteen times.
  • Build social skills.
  • Make homework time less stressful.
  • Improve impulse control and self-control.
  • Help with sensory issues and kids who are very sensitive.
  • Deal with the tantrums, meltdowns, anxiety and defiance.
  • Stop the arguing and yelling.
  • Help adults with ADHD be successful.

Everyone who registers NOW will receive a FREE set of “Celebrate ADHD! 10 Keys to Raise Confident, Positive Kids.” This 3-CD set, priced at $397, will be shipped to you by August 26th. Free with registration.

Click here to learn more about the Celebrate ADHD! CD set.

Additionally, you’ll get unlimited access to ask Kirk specific questions to your most challenging issues. For less than the price of one phone consultation, you get 6 hours of insight and strategies.

Register for ADHD University™ with Kirk
for Only $397…  (Includes FREE CD Set)

FREE 3-CD Bonus Offer good if you register now.
Because seats are limited, no refunds will be issued.
The price includes attendance by your spouse.

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1 payment of $397.00

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2 payments of $198.50

Call us at 888-506-1871 or Brett@CelebrateCalm.com with any questions.


Host Kirk in Western States. One & Only Chance.

Want to host Kirk & Casey in Western States?
One & only opportunity in August & September 2013.

This is the only time Kirk and Casey will be traveling west together, ever. IF you want them to bring the same life-changing workshops that have helped over 300,000 parents to your school or church, you must take one simple action. If no one responds, the workshops will not happen. We will conduct Back-to-School Workshops so parents, teachers and students begin the school year on the same page.

Email brett@celebratecalm.com or call Brett at 888.506.1871 with answers to the following 2 questions:

(1) What do your parents and teachers need help with most?

  1. Get kids to do homework without a fight.
  2. Create a stress-free morning, homework and bedtime.
  3. Eliminate power struggles.
  4. Stop defiance and disrespect.
  5. Create a calm home—stop the yelling and negativity.
  6. Motivate unmotivated kids.
  7. Stop sibling fights.
  8. Get kids to focus and behave better in school.
  9. All of the Above.

(2) What are your objectives for the workshop?

  1. Give parents practical strategies they can use in everyday life.
  2. Give struggling kids tools to succeed.
  3. Improve parent-teacher collaboration.
  4. Reduce behavioral problems at school.
  5. Coordinate with an Open House to attract prospective families to your private school.
  6. Provide help for families in the surrounding community.
  7. Increase funding and/or involvement with your PTA/PTO.
  8. Provide an entertaining evening with laughter and learning.
  9. All of the Above.

Kirk rarely travels west because his schedule stays filled throughout the rest of the country. Casey will not be traveling with his father much longer, so this is the one and only opportunity for you to host Kirk and Casey in your community. Our live events typically draw 150-250 parents and are very powerful.

Here are the dates that Kirk and Casey are available. If you do not take action to book them on these dates, they will not come to your town. We only go where enthusiastic hosts want to help change people’s lives.

Wednesday, August 21          Kansas, Nebraska or Colorado
Thursday, August 22              Colorado
Friday, August 23                    Colorado
Saturday, August 24               Colorado or Salt Lake City, UT

Wednesday, August 28          Montana, Idaho or Washington State
Thursday, August 29              Washington State

Thursday, September 5          Northern California/San Francisco
Friday, September 6                Northern California/San Francisco
Saturday, September 7            Northern California/San Francisco

Monday, September  9            Southern California/LA/San Diego
Tuesday, September  10          Southern California/LA/San Diego

Wednesday, September  11    Southern California/LA/San Diego
Thursday, September  12        Southern California/LA/San Diego
Friday, September 13              Arizona or Nevada

Reply to this email or call Brett at 888.506.1871 with the name of your organization and town. We will send you a one-page proposal for your PTA/PTO, Principal or Pastor. These are the ONLY dates that Kirk and Casey will be traveling west. First come, first serve.

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Enroll in Calm Couples University: Break the Negative Patterns

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Stop the Tension, Resentment & Emotional Withdrawal.

This is not the marriage you imagined when you fell in love. You find yourself resenting your spouse. Some couples suffer in silent withdrawal while others resort to yelling, guilt trips and manipulation. The pain and distance can be devastating.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it can feel hopeless. Kirk will give you specific words and actions that work even in the toughest relationships. This is the only program in which Kirk will personally answer your toughest questions.

– Your spouse hasn’t been engaged emotionally. You don’t want to rock the boat so you don’t say anything. Now you feel resentful and angry.

– You don’t even know how to talk about anything meaningful. How can you rebuild your relationship even when you feel numb?

– How can you have difficult conversations without getting defensive, angry, dismissive or controlling? We will show you how.

– You thought you were joining your husband as a partner in ministry. But now you’re lonely and left at home while he saves the world. It’s not supposed to be like this.

– Get on the same page as your spouse so you can discipline together without the yelling and conflict.

– Connect so you don’t feel like you’re just existing under the same roof.

Here are three tough issues we address with specific, concrete action steps:
(1) How can you be assertive so that your spouse respects your needs?

(2) What do you do when your spouse does not respond to your assertive requests? What do you do if your spouse ignores you, dismisses you or just acts like it doesn’t matter? You must take action. We’ll show you how.

(3) What do you do when your spouse is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, pornography, gambling, etc.? How can you address this in a healthy, balanced way?

(Click the tab above to read the Personal Note from Kirk to learn more.)

Get personal mentoring. Become a new person. Don’t settle.

You know you need to do something because THIS cannot continue. You don’t want your kids growing up thinking this is the right way to treat another person. Your spouse won’t go to counseling and retreats inspire you for two days. But you need to learn new skills in the context of everyday life with all its stress and conflict.

That is why we created Calm Couples University. You can go through this program right from your living room, anonymously, together with your spouse or alone. Here’s what you get:

(1) Three hours of honest insight and strategies that work in the real world. We have walked this hard road. This isn’t theory. We deal with the ugliness and messiness of everyday life, addictions and emotional neglect. Listen to the three audio CDs again and again.

(2) Two physical workbooks so that you have the actual conversations, words and action steps in writing. Each spouse can write in and work through his respective workbook. Some use it as a journal.

(3) Our 40-day Marriage Challenge. Here is where the rubber hits the road. We walk you through 40 different action steps. Each step is specific, concrete and very clear. You actually PRACTICE new skills in the context of your busy life and daily conflict. You can do this over 40 days or 120 days. Once you have practiced these new habits, they stick.

Here’s why this is so powerful: the 40-Day Challenge provides a specific framework for having a 15-minute conversation each day with your spouse. We give you the questions to ask or statements to make–even when you are tired, you don’t have to think up something to talk about. You’ll have a short, written assignment. Many couples have said it built in the habit to have a quality conversation each night.

(4) Personal mentoring. You can ask Kirk any question that you want, confidentially. You will receive a prompt, thoughtful, specific reply. This is the only personal mentoring Kirk is conducting in 2013. It’s that important. If your spouse refuses to interact, address his addictions or stop abusive behavior, you will have an understanding ear and concrete actions to take.

Who should register for Calm Couples University?

  • Married women and men.
  • Separated women and men–build a new relationship.
  • Divorced women and men. Become a new you so you don’t repeat the same unhealthy patterns.
  • A spouse whose husband is not willing to participate. Take the lead and show him you are serious.
  • A spouse that has never said “no”–your spouse won’t respect you until you respect yourself.
  • A spouse that wants to share how they REALLY feel, without being dismissed or neglected.

I’m 100% committed to walking you through this emotional process. I know from personal experience counseling costs thousands of dollars. Divorce can easily drain your savings and retirement. It takes an enormous toll emotionally, physically and spiritually on your family, especially your kids. I wholeheartedly believe this program should be priced at $997. However, we want hurting women and men to experience the power of this program.

Limited Time Only – 50% OFF

This program is available on a first come, first serve basis only. Because Kirk will personally mentor you through this process, he is limiting the number of couples per month. Register now for your spot.

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Order Now. Reg. $997… NOW ONLY $497

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Get two payments… NOW ONLY $250

Please contact Brett at 888-506-1871 or brett@celebratecalm.com with any questions. We want to make sure this is right for your family.


[tab title=”Personal Note from Kirk”]

Personal Note from Kirk

I took advantage of my wife because she was the good girl. She was raised by the martyr mother who neglected herself to make everyone else happy…and in doing so became miserable. I just always knew she’d do the right thing. I knew that I didn’t have to grow up and control my own anxiety and emotions…because my wife would manage them for me. “Kids, Dad’s on his way home. Pick up your Legos because you know he doesn’t like it when things are a mess.”

My wife learned that it was easier just to manage me and keep the peace, rather than rock the boat and deal with me blowing up or being gruff with her. So like the good girl, she put her hand to the plow, slowly simmered and became resentful.

When she did try to speak up and say, “We need to talk,” I would dismiss her concerns. “Oh honey, don’t worry about it, it will be fine.” I’d dismiss her concerns because I couldn’t deal with anything negative in life. My wife didn’t know how to be assertive—just do her duty.

When we had a decision to make, I would ask her opinion, but as soon as she offered it, I would steamroll right over her to prove my point. And so this interesting pattern developed. My wife became resentful about being taken advantage of, and I got bored because she was so reliable.

We were perfectly imperfect for each other. I was just like her Dad and she liked taking care of people. It’s what she knew. I was the perfect project. And I needed her stability and reliability… because I couldn’t control myself. We played our parts perfectly.

On the outside, we appeared to be a happy couple with a beautiful family. Living the American Dream. Inside, we were hurt, confused and wanting to give up.

We both had to become new and different people and learn new skills…or we would repeat the same patterns with new people. I stopped trying to save my marriage and instead said, “I am going to become a new person so no matter who I end up with, I am complete and whole and healthy.” My wife became a whole person. And that drew us to each other.

You have no other options but to change. Men—you must own up to this. It’s not a phase. It’s not going away. Women—you must have the courage and self-respect to change. Marriage is how we best model for our kids how to stay connected to people with whom we disagree, misunderstand and want to change. Marriage is the crucible through which we are transformed and become mature adults.

Each of you has a story. Each of you is misunderstood in some way. What is your story?

You can’t have difficult conversations without getting defensive, angry or dismissive so you just stop talking about anything meaningful.

You’re a guy and want to connect, but your wife gives all of her energy to the kids and you feel left out.

Maybe you’re stuck in that pattern of managing your husband and kids. You look forward to your husband’s business trips because at least the tension leaves the house.

You hide at work because that’s all in your control. Your wife is so anxious about everything so you withdraw. Meanwhile your spouse has grown ragged with frustration and feels alone.

Your spouse hasn’t been engaged emotionally. You don’t want to rock the boat so you don’t say anything. Now you feel resentful and angry. Worse, you just feel numb.

Maybe you’re Mr. Fix It. You come home and yell at the kids, but it makes things worse. It’s your way or the highway, but you notice everyone withdrawing from you. Maybe you wanted that to happen so you don’t have to deal with people.

Maybe you’ve grown apart. Sometimes good people with good hearts take wrong turns. You may have a spouse who strayed or is struggling with addictions to alcohol, pornography or gambling.

Perhaps you got married for the wrong reason. And it’s just not working.

Maybe you have a pretty good relationship, but you want to learn how to connect emotionally in a deeper way.

No matter where you are right now, I want to set my expectations. My goal isn’t just to save your marriage. It’s to help you become a new person. An emotionally whole person who knows how to have healthy relationships with everyone around you. I want to break these negative generational patterns so your kids can grow up to have healthy relationships.

Men and women are in pain. So we have decided that in 2013, the only avenue through which we will conduct personal mentoring is the Calm Couples University program. If you have the courage to change inside and change your marriage, we will walk you through step by step and personally answer your toughest questions. We are ready. Are you?


[tab title=”FAQs”]

Will this help if my spouse refuses to participate?
It takes two people to create a pattern of negative behavior. But it only takes one person to break that cycle or pattern. You are supposed to break that cycle by YOUR actions. That way, you are not dependent on what someone else does.

Your goal shouldn’t be only to save your marriage. It should be to learn how to have healthy relationships with yourself, the opposite sex, your kids, your friends, your parents. This process will cause tremendous change within you. That’s the goal.

By the way, I encourage the willing spouse to invest the time necessary in this course. It allows you to tell your spouse, “This may not be important to you, but I care about you and our kids so much that I’m willing to work on changing myself whether or not you participate.”

Final note: some men will gruffly demand that their wives not spend the money to get counseling or do this program. Hogwash. This lets your spouse know you are serious about changing your relationship.

How is this different from counseling or therapy?
We use many of the same principles that a good counselor/therapist would use. But rather than having to go to a physical location (some people don’t have the time, money or willingness to meet in person with a counselor), we designed this program so that you can do it from the safety and comfort of your own living room. You get to listen to the recorded CDs over and over again, and work through the Challenge as many times as you wish over the years.

You also have the opportunity to ask really personal, even embarrassing questions, via the anonymity of email. It means everything is open to discussion.

What if my spouse has an addiction?
This is much more common than you may imagine. We will work through different scenarios with specific action steps to help create a safe environment with proper boundaries. It’s not easy, but it’s critical that you learn to take a stand instead of enabling an abusive spouse.

I am divorced and dating again. Can this help me?
Absolutely. You may have some patterns in your life that cause you to attract controlling or anxious men/women to you. You don’t need to find the right man next time—you need to become the right person. An emotionally whole person who is confident and assertive. Until you are able to demonstrate self-respect, you will keep attracting men who do not respect you. I think pre-marital counseling or a program like this should be mandatory.

Can you guarantee you’ll save my marriage?
Absolutely not. Some of you may be in abusive or neglectful relationships that are unsafe physically or emotionally. What you may actually need is to have some time apart from your current spouse. And unfortunately, the very best next step for some is to cut ties with a spouse who refuses to acknowledge his or her part in your relationship troubles.

Here is what I will promise you. If you work through these steps in a purposeful, consistent manner, YOU will become an entirely new person. You will become a healthy person capable of respectful relationships with the opposite sex, your friends, your kids and your parents.

Why is Calm Couples University so expensive?
It’s really not. In fact, it’s the best investment you can make in yourself and your family. The truth is we pay this much for flat screens and toys our kids don’t play with anymore. We have all blown this much on clothes, furniture, vacations and other items that didn’t change our lives. It’s about priorities. I have invested myself fully in this process and will only mentor people who are ready to go all in to change.

And you know this. Counseling and therapy costs thousands of dollars. Divorce costs even more than that, both financially and emotionally. If you ever do need help financially, then contact Brett at Brett@CelebrateCalm.com or 888.506.1871.



Listen to the FREE Webinar. 60 minutes of insight and strategies.

Welcome to all of our new friends who listened to Kirk’s FREE Webinar yesterday on staying calm when your child acts up. Kirk addressed defiance, disrespect, anger, meltdowns, homework, morning routine and more. Several Moms said they learned more in 60 minutes than in 6 months of behavioral therapy. You judge for yourself.

A few notes:
(1) When you click on the recording, you won’t hear anything for a few seconds. That’s because we lost the host somewhere! Listen to the awkward beginning and see if Kirk stayed calm under stress!

(2) It’s difficult to get the full impact of Kirk’s teachings on a webinar. That’s why he and his son, Casey, love presenting their workshops live, in person. They can physically and visually demonstrate their strategies together as a father-son team. We typically have attendance of 150-250 parents. If you want Kirk and Casey to come to your school, church, synagogue or conference, contact me. It’s easy. Brett@CelebrateCalm.com. 888.506.1871

(3) While you are here, take a look around the website. There are free radio shows/podcasts, blog posts and a free newsletter so you can get Kirk’s strategies delivered to your inbox each week. You can watch videos and listen to samples of the CDs that have transformed the lives of over 300,000 people over the years. You’ll see that Kirk has an understanding of your kids like no one else.

If we can serve you in any way, personally answer your questions or find solutions that meet your budget (we help everyone who asks!), I will be thrilled to help. Just call or email me. Brett@CelebrateCalm.com  888.506.1871

Click here to listen to the FREE Webinar with Celebrate Calm Founder, Kirk Martin.